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Maker Pi Pico: Simplifying Raspberry Pi Pico for Beginners

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    USB Micro B Cable

    USB Micro B Cable

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      Maker Pi Pico is a certified Powered by Raspberry Pi product.


      Maker Pi Pico incorporates the most wanted Reset button for your Raspberry Pi Pico and gives you access to all GPIO pins on two 20 ways pin-headers, with clear labels. Each GPIO is coupled with an LED indicator for convenient code testing and troubleshooting. The bottom layer of this board even comes with a comprehensive pinout diagram showing the function of each pin.

      This product comes with Raspberry Pi Pico soldered onboard.

      Photo credit: Kevin J. Walters


      It is a compact yet feature-packed board designed to sit at the heart of your STEM & robotics projects. Just use the jumper wires and/or Grove cables to connect any sensor and output modules to expand its capability. No soldering is required!





      CircuitPython is preloaded on the Maker Pi Pico and it runs a simple demo program right out of the box. Connect it to your computer via a USB micro cable and you will be greeted by a melody tune and LEDs running light. Press the push buttons to test the basic features on the board right away. You may insert your micro SD card, dual channel speakers, and an I2C OLED display module to try out too. Have fun!


      Maker Pi Pico can be programmed with CircuitPythonMicroPython & C/C++. Just connect to any computer (including Raspberry Pi SBC) via USB, then drag and drop the file onto it to upload the program. It's as easy as copying a file into your thumb drive!


      What's Raspberry Pi Pico?

      Raspberry Pi Pico is the first microcontroller board from Raspberry Pi Foundation, specially designed for physical computing. It can be programmed with MicroPython and C/C++ to control things in our real world.

      raspberry pi pico microcontroller board


      Board Layout:


      • Work out-of-the-box. No soldering!
      • Access to all Raspberry Pi Pico's pins on two 20 ways pin headers
      • LED indicators on all GPIO pins
      • 3x programmable push button (GP20-22)
      • 1x RGB LED - NeoPixel  (GP28)
      • 1x Piezo buzzer (GP18)
      • 1x 3.5mm stereo audio jack (GP18-19)
      • 1x Micro SD card slot (GP10-15)
      • 1x ESP-01 socket (GP16-17)
      • 6x Grove port




      Packing List
      • 1 x Maker Pi Pico
        (Raspberry Pi Pico soldered onboard, with CircuitPython loaded)
      • 1x Pinout reference card

      Q & A (9)
      Would you kindly provide using MicroPython and the Thonny IDE? Is it possible to replicate the new Pico W with the Maker Pi Pico and ESP-01 module? ( Jeff , 04/10/2022 )
      Hi I will answer accordingly:1. You may follow this guide to install MicroPython and the Thonny IDE. 2. Yes, Can achieve the same purpose, but code and library will not be the same.
      Which connector fit into the Grove Ports. Regular jumper wires don't fit stable in the connector on the board. ( Svens Jegorovs, 03/09/2022 )
      Hi, to use the grove interface, we recommend you to use official or compatible grove 4 pin. We have three types as an example : Grove 4 Pin Buckled 20cm CableGrove 4 Pin Buckled to Female CableGrove 4 Pin Buckled 50cm Cable - Single Piece
      I am trying to program some of the features on the board but I cannot find the schematic that shows how things are hooked up. ( Board Schematic?, 10/02/2022 )
      You may find the links to the schematic under the Resources section of the product page description. The links are also given below:Maker Pi Pico Schematic Rev1.0.0-1.1.0 & Rev1.2.0You may refer to this diagram for a quick reference too.
      Does the RPP board come preloaded with Micro- or Circuit python? Or do I hve to install that myself? ( Jan, 15/10/2021 )
      Hi. It comes not preloaded, you may need to install any bootloader according to your preference :)
      Which sensors that Cytron sells are compatible with the Grove connectors? ( rj, 08/04/2021 )
      Hi, you may drop an email to support@cytron.io for further technical assistance. Thanks:)
      so you say: "Estimate 100 units to be available on 10 Feb 2021."are there still units from this second batch available or are all units expected to come in by 10. feb already sold/reserved/ordered?will i still receive one if i order now? ( FGW, 01/02/2021 )
      All units allocated for first and second batches are already sold out. So there's no more stock at the moment. You may click the NOTIFY ME! button to receive our update once it's restocked. Thank you!
      HelloI trying about RGB led on this board. But, It's not working.I need schematic of this board for check the wiring.And Can you provide the default firmware?.Thank you. ( Sirapol Sriuaipornchai, 01/02/2021 )
      We need to utilize the Programmable IO (PIO) feature on Pi Pico to drive this RGB LED on pin GP28. You can find the example code for RGB LED and also Out-of-the-box demo code here: https://github.com/CytronTechnologies/MAKER-PI-PICOTo get started with Pi Pico, you may refer to Raspberry Pi's resource page here: https://www.raspberrypi.org/documentation/pico/getting-started/#getting-started-with-micropython
      Where can I download the demo code for this Maker Pi Pico?Accidentally, I have overwritten it without making a backup. ( Adisai, 29/01/2021 )
      You may download the Out-of-the-box demo code here: https://github.com/CytronTechnologies/MAKER-PI-PICOTo get started, you may refer to Raspberry Pi's resource page here: https://www.raspberrypi.org/documentation/pico/getting-started/#getting-started-with-micropython
      Does this breakout come with the pico microcontroller? ( Anon, 23/01/2021 )
      Hi. Yes, Raspberry Pi Pico pre-soldered on board. Thanks:)

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