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Silicon Case for micro:bit V2 - Pick Your Color

This new micro:bit cute silicone case is compatible with the micro:bit V2 board. All holes are specially designed for the 2nd-generation micro:bit board, which does n..


micro:bit Smart Home Kit with micro:bit V2

The Perfect Learning Kit for Children Age 10 and AboveWe have bundled this micro:bit Smart Home Kit, including the micro:bit V2 Single for power and program loading. ..

RM354.00 RM349.00

USB Micro B Cable -32% Best Seller

USB Micro B Cable

Searching for suitable USB cable to connect to Cytron UNO, Maker UNO, NodeMCU, micro:bit or Raspberry Pi Zero? Yup, you can get it here.This is USB 2.0 type A to micr..

RM5.90 RM4.00

micro:bit Quick Start Kit

Join our micro:bit Malaysia Telegram Group for all your questions and discussions!  micro:bit is a tiny programmable computer, designed to make learning..


EDU:BIT Training & Project Kit for micro:bit

EDU:BIT  was 575% funded on KICKSTARTER on Oct 22, 2020 .This beginner-friendly micro:bit kit is specially designed to encourage kids to explore STEAM and learn cod..

RM156.00++ RM149.00++

ZOOM:BIT Robot Car Kit for micro:bit -22% Best Seller

ZOOM:BIT Robot Car Kit for micro:bit

Looking for a solution to introduce robotics and coding to your kids? Get this kit for them (or yourself!) to build this cute micro:bit robot car. Zip zip Zoom!..

RM190.00++ RM149.00++

Crocodile Clip with Wire (10pcs)

Yes, this is the crocodile or alligator clip cable. Connect to your component lead or pads (example micro:bit) without soldering using these handy alligator clip test lea..


REKA:BIT - Simplifying Robotics with micro:bit

  REKA:BIT is the little sibling of EDU:BIT, which was 575% funded on KICKSTARTER on Oct 22, 2020.With the fundamental concepts acquired from EDU:BIT's 10..


Grove WiFi 8266 - IoT for micro:bit and beyond

Grove WiFi 8266 module is designed to enable your micro:bit (and other controllers too) to send/receive data over the internet through the Wi-Fi network. It is based on t..


micro:bit Junior Kit (V2)

Note: From April 2022 onwards, micro:bit Junior kit now comes with a micro:bit V2 board and a USB micro B cable.   Join our micro:bit Malaysia Teleg..


micro:bit V2 mainboard

Note: This is the latest micro:bit V2 mainboard, launched on 13 October 2020.  Join our micro:bit Malaysia Telegram Group for all your questions and discu..


2 x AA Battery Holder for micro:bit- 2xAA with ...

As micro:bit is gaining traction in this region, powering it is a must :)If you are new to micro:bit, it is a powerful embedded platform or microcontroller board ..


Auto Plant Watering Kit for micro:bit

Do you want to build an auto plant watering system but don’t know where to start?Or you are a teacher and wanted to help your students to build the auto plant waterin..


Analog Micro Servo 9g (3V-6V)

Wanted to use RC servo motor on 3.3V system like micro:bit or NodeMCU or NodeMCU 32, but most of the servo's operating voltage starts from 4.8V :( Well, not to worry, you..


Tiny:bit smart robot car for micro:bit Kits

Note: There are two options of Tiny:bit Kits to choose from:Tiny:bit Kit WITH micro:bit Junior (a micro:bit V2 board and a USB micro B cable) Tiny:bit Kit WITHOU..


MOTION:BIT - Simplifying Motion Control with mi...

Looking for a suitable micro:bit expansion board to build a robot with DC Motors and Servo Motors?Introducing the new member to our family - MOTION:BIT. Thi..


REKA:BIT RBT Project Kits

REKA:BIT RBT Project Kit comes with all the components and resources you need to build robotic and coding projects for RBT Y5 and Y6 (Reka Bentuk dan Teknologi Tahun 5 & ..


2xAAA Battery Holder with On/Off Switch

As micro:bit is gaining traction in this region, powering it is a must :)If you are new to micro:bit, it is a powerful embedded platform or microcontroller board with..


micro:bit GPIO Expansion Board Bundles

Note: There are three options of micro:bit GPIO Expansion Board to choose from:micro:bit GPIO Expansion Board WITH a micro:bit V2 Single and a USB microB cable m..


5V 1A Adapter micro B USB cable (UK plug)

We have been looking for a reliable yet user-friendly power adapter for the low-power digital making controller like Maker UNO and micro:bit. Finally, it is here, 5VDC ou..

RM14.50 RM10.15