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Best Seller LED 5mm

LED 5mm

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LEDs, or Light Emitting Diodes, are specialized diodes that emit light when supplied with sufficient current at the appropriate voltage. These 5mm diameter LEDs are ideal for projects that require indicator lights for various purposes, such as debugging, notifications, and frequency control. They are also suitable for any other electronic project that requires a visual indication.



LEDs have two wires: the anode (positive) and the cathode (negative). These wires have distinct names because LEDs only function properly when connected in one direction, so it is crucial to keep track of which pin is which. One wire should be connected to the positive voltage source, while the other should be connected to the negative voltage source. Since LEDs only work in one direction, they are classified as diodes, which is why the last letter of "LED" stands for "diode".

  • 5mm LED
  • Normal brightness
  • Luminous Intensity: 100-200 mcd
  • Color (Forward Voltage):
    • Blue (3.0 VDC)
    • Green (2-2.4 VDC)
    • Red (1.8-2.2 VDC)
    • Yellow (1.9-2.3 VDC)
  • Dimension:


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