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IO Expansion Shield for Arduino Nano

IO Expansion Shield for Arduino Nano

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Arduino Nano is a compact version of Arduino Uno. Comes with the same microcontroller, ATmega328P on it, offering same IO capabilities and USB to Serial for bootloading program from Arduino IDE. Because of the compact size and relatively lower cost, it is getting popular among makers and students, especially in IoT projects. Check out the video by one of the user ABID Inc: (The shield in video is not exactly same in term of color)


This shield is specially designed to expand Arduino Nano's IO, simplifying the connection or wiring needed to interface with external sensor or actuator. The IO (Input Output) pins of Arduno Nano are expanded out into 3-way header pin with SVG (Signal, Voltage, Ground) configuration, similar to RC servo and RC receiver. And many sensor and actuator come in this form of wiring.

Besides the SVG header pins, this shield also provides ready pins for UART and I2C (4-way header pin). With additional GND (Ground) and V(5V) on every IO expanded header, you will not need to worry about finding ground and power for RC servo and sensors :)

With this IO expansion shield, you can also power the Arduino Nano via power adapter. There is a DC Barrel jack on the board to insert standard 2.1mm DC jack. Built-in reserve polarity protection diode and capacitor to smoothen the ripple from adapter. Additionally, it also comes with independent 3.3V voltage regulator that will be able to provide extra current(Max:500mA) to complement the 3.3V output from Arduino Nano (50mA only from FT232 IC), awesome!

And did I mention? It comes in a shield form factor, there is additional side pads for Arduino UNO header pins. And personally, I like this shield because all the header pins are properly labeled :)



  • Designed for Arduino Nano, compatible with:
  • Expanded all 22 GPIO pins to SVG 3-way(RC servo type) header pin, including:
    • 8 Analog Pins (Arduino NANO have 2 additional Analog input pin)
    • 14 Digital IO pins (include 6 PWMs)
    • AREF pin too
  • I2C expansion Pin (4-way header: SCL, SCK, 5V and GND)
  • UART expansion pin (4-way header: RX, TX, 5V and GND)
  • More 5V and GND pins for sensor / Servo
  • Additional pads for Arduino UNO form factor.
  • On board additional 3.3V voltage regulator to supply more 3.3V current.
  • DC Adapter Barrel Jack input with reverse polarity protection
  • Additional Reset button
  • Power indicator LED


Packing List:

  • 1 x IO Expansion Shield for Arduino Nano
what is the max current of this expansion shield for 5v? it only stated max 500mA for 3.3v
( Muhammad Ikram bin Abd Nasir , 31/08/2021 )
Hi, you may drop an email to for further technical assistance. Thanks:)
My project is hand gesture controlled car/robot using this board connected to UNO with nRF24L01, L298N and GY521.
As for the pin definition of the nRf24L01 in the transmitter's and receiver's sketches, is it correct if I connect CE-->D9, CSN-->D10, M0-->D11, M1-->D12 and SCK-->D13.
As for the pin definition of the GY521 in the transmitter's sketch, is it correct if I connect SDA-->A4 and SCL-->A5?

( Mohamed Sani, 06/05/2020 )
Hi, for technical assistance, you may drop an email to
Our technical team will reply to you as soon as possible. Thanks :)
can be used to put arduino uno shield like mp3 player if i solder side pads with female pin header ( Sahrul Arsad, 05/08/2019 )
Hi, yes you can.

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