LoRa 923 MHz Fiberglass 65cm 5dBi Antenna with LMR240 Coaxial Cable

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  • Antenna with 10M Cable
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  • Antenna with 2M Cable
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Note: This gateway/hotspot 5dBi antenna comes with varying lengths of coaxial cable: 10 meters, 6 meters 4 meters, and 2 meters. Please choose your preferred bundle under the "Options".

Kindly refer to the table below for the details of each bundle:

For some applications like in an urban environment or where large stretches of land have to be monitored, the normal range of LoRa might not be enough. If you need to increase the range for your LoRa devices, this outdoor LoRa Fiberglass antenna will be the ideal addition to your LoRa system. It’s a robust solution to provide extra power and range for outdoor LoRa Base stations. The antenna has a frequency range from 919-924 MHz, VSWR lower than 1.5 and 50Ω impedance. It comes with two mounting brackets as well.

This is an example of a VSWR test for the 5dBi gain antenna. It shows the VSWR from 919 to 924 MHz frequency range is lower than 1.5, which is very good! In real-world RF components, VSWR is a very important parameter in RF transmission systems where a high VSWR will reduce the power delivered to an antenna or system significantly. This can lead to the reduced range, heating of cables, damaged amplifiers, etc.

Note: Please contact a professional antenna installer to install the outdoor antenna.

This is one example of our customer in Malaysia, who changes from stock antenna (2.6dBi) to outdoor antenna (5dBi) for the Helium hotspot. You can see the huge difference in mining rewards when the user changes to the 5dBi outdoor antenna!

Note: Outdoor antenna will have a higher potential to witness other Helium hotspots. More witnessed means higher rewards!


The antenna can be used in any environment where long-range LoRa connections are required.

  • Agriculture
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Urban Monitoring

Warranty Period: 12 months
  • Cable length options:
    • 10 meters
    • 6 meters
    • 4 meters
    • 2 meters
  • Antenna frequency range: 919-924 MHz
  • Robust enough to tolerate outdoor environment and water-proof 
  • Specialize for outdoor gateway
  • High efficiency vertical polarized monopole
  • Easy to install
  • Fully compatible with technologies, products, and services by:


Kindly refer to this video to get more understanding about the antenna and which gain will be the most suitable for your antenna:


LMR240 cable is an ultra Flexible Low Loss Communications Coaxial cable, supplied in four variations of length, 10 meters, 6 meters, 4 meters, and 2 meters.

Note: All length of cable has connectors that directly connect on the back of your Hotspot (RP-SMA) and another end to the antenna (N-Type). This cable comes with RP-SMA Male and N Female connectors.

Before you proceed to buy any type of cable for your RF device setup, make sure you choose the right connectors for the cable. This video will explain everything you need to know about the connectors and Reverse Polarity:

Note: The hotspot is NOT INCLUDED. Please get them separately if you don't already have one.


Why choose LMR240?

LMR240 has excellent reliability, unsurpassed flexibility, and ultra-low attenuation. The LMR240 cable has loss figures comparable to the extremely rigid corrugated coaxial cables however manages to achieve similar flexibility to that of high loss Radio Guide (RG) Cables. LMR240 is around 40% lower attenuation than competing RG Air-Dielectric type Cables.

All standard LMR coaxial cable comes with a UV-resistant, PE Jacket. This helps to ensure the cable jacket can withstand harsh outside environments and UV rays from sunlight, this is designed to last for up to 20 years of outdoor service.


How are the LMR240 low loss figures achieved?

This is achieved due to the cable construction specifications. The center conductor uses a high conductivity, bare copper clad covered aluminum center conductor material. The dielectric is nitrogen injected, foamed, closed-cell, Polyethylene which helps achieve 83% Velocity of Propagation. The Dielectric has an Aluminum foil outer conductor, which is chemically bonded onto it. Due to the cable construction, the attenuation is significantly lower as compared to single shielded coaxial cables.


Loss Test Verification by the manufacturer:

10 meters

6 meters

4 meters

2 meters


Note: Please SHUTDOWN your gateway/hotspot first before changing to the new antenna.

You can refer to this video for the full setup of the Helium hotspot with an LMR400 coaxial cable. LMR400 is just another version of  LMR240, so the setup should be compatible with the LMR240 cable too.

Note: Please note that the person in the video was using a different type of connector for both antenna and coaxial cable.

Antenna setup for Helium miner is very important since it can affect the mining rewards. Here are some examples of antenna setups that our happy customers share with us. The first customer uses a 7dBi antenna with LMR240 while the second one uses a 7dBi antenna with LMR400.

Antenna Electrical Specifications:

  • Gain: 5±1 dBi
  • Frequency Range: 
    • 919-924 MHz
  • Vertical Beamwidth: 30 ± 5o
  • Horizontal Beamwidth: 360o
  • VSWR, S11: ≤1.5
  • Impedance: 50 Ω
  • Max Power: 50 W
  • Connector: N-Male
  • Polarization: Vertical Polarization
  • Suitable for Helium, LoRa, LongFi gateway/hotspot


Antenna Mechanical Specifications:

  • Dimension: 20mmD x 650mmL
  • Weight: 0.4kg
  • Rated Wind Velocity: 36.9 m/s
  • Operational Temperature: -40℃~55℃
  • Operational Humidity: < 95%
  • Waterproof Level: IP65
  • Antenna Cover Material: Fiberglass (White)


Coaxial Cable Specifications:

  • Cable Type:
    • LMR240
  • Length Options:
    • 10 meters
    • 6 meters 
    • 4 meters
    • 2 meters
  • Connector A: N Female (Brass Gold Plated)
  • Connector B: RP SMA Male (Brass Gold Plated)
  • Cable Loss: (923MHz range):
    • 10 meters = ~ 2.4dB
    • 6 meters = ~ 1.4dB
    • 4 meters = ~0.93dB
    • 2 meters = ~0.45dB
  • Color: Black
  • Inner Conductor: Solid BC
  • Outer conductor: Aluminium tape
  • Dielectric: Foam PE
  • Overall Braid: Tinned copper
  • Jacket: Black PE
  • Temperature Range: -40oC ~ +80oC
  • RoHS Compatible


Packing List
  • 1x 5dBi Fiberglass Antenna
  • 1x N-Female to RP-SMA Male cable with options:
    • 10 meters
    • 6 meters
    • 4 meters
    • 2 meters
  • 2x Mounting brackets


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