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Discontinued Tilt Sensor

Tilt Sensor

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  • Warranty Period: 12 months

Description: This basic tilt switch can easily be used to detect orientation. Inside the can are a pair of balls that make contact with the pins when the case is upright. Tilt the case over and the balls don't touch, thus not making a connection. According to the datasheet, the detectable angle is 30 degree.

There are numerous uses for these basic sensors, but keep in mind you might need to use some debouncing code, as the sensor isn't immune to small vibrations and such. Connection is like using a push button switch :)



Tilt sensor video

This video shows how Tilt Sensor works. For more details please refer to our tutorial page: http://tutorial.cytron.com.my/2017/07/27/getting-started-tilt-sensor-sn-tilt/ Please refer to the product page for more info: https://www.cytron.com.my/p-sn-tilt?search=Tilt%2520sensor&description=1&sort=relevance&order=DESC

Hi, is this sensor suitable for lego mindstorm nxt? ( JOEL, 26/04/2015 )

Suitable? Not really try it before, but as far as I know, Lego mindstorm come with specify sensor and interface/connector is special, even the protocol to communicate with the sensor is speacil, so I guess it is not suitable :)

When the tilt sensor will restock? realy need it now ( Fareed Asyraf, 16/03/2015 )


The sensor will be ready after 2 Weeks.

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