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Maker UNO: Simplifying Arduino for {Education}

Maker UNO was 1825% funded in Kickstarter on 17 Apr 2018.   Maker UNO is an Arduino Compatible board specially designed to simplify building your projects:..


Uno Compatible (CH340) with USB Cable

Note: If you are beginner or student, please take a look at Maker UNO- an improved version of Arduino UNO compatible board.Well, Arduino UNO is well known to be the m..


Maker Nano: Simplifying Arduino for Projects

 Love Maker UNO? But it's too big to fit into your project? Worry not! Introducing Maker Nano, an Arduino board specially crafted for building projects while maintaining ..


MEGA Compatible (CH340) with USB Cable

Well, Arduino UNO is known as the most popular Arduino board, and follow behind is is Arduino Mega. The reasons are:5V powered and operated, as Arduino UNO too and..


PikaBot - Maker UNO Smart Car Kit -10%

PikaBot - Maker UNO Smart Car Kit

Build Your Own Smart Car:  PIKABOT  Everyone loves mobile robot! With PikaBot, you get to learn electronics, microcontroller, sensors, motors & coding, while hav..

RM110.00 RM99.00

MQ2 Smoke LPG CO Sensor Module

The MQ-2 Gas sensor can detect or measure gasses like LPG, Alcohol, Propane, Hydrogen, CO and even methane. The module version of this sensor comes with a Digital Pin whi..


TTGO T-Call ESP32 with SIM800L GPRS Module-Presolder Header

Note: From 20th Dec 2019 onwards, this product is shipped with Pre-Solder Header Pins to further simplify your digital making :)Note: However, we notice the dista..


2 Axis Analog and Button PS2 Joystick Module

This is 2-Axis Joystick & a digital button (center push). You can be it as analog input to your next project. The 2-Axis Joystick contains two independent potentiometers ..


Analog Piezoelectric Ceramic Vibration Module

This Analog Piezoelectric Ceramic Vibration Module buffers a piezoelectric transducer that responds to strain changes by generating a measurable output voltage change whi..


TTGO T-Display ESP32 1.14 Display Module-Presolder Header

Note: From 20th Dec 2019 onwards, this product is shipped with Pre-Solder Header Pins to further simplify your digital making :)So this TTGO-Display board can be ..


MQ3 Alcohol Sensor Module

The MQ-3 Alcohol Gas sensor can detect or measure gasses like alcohol. It is very sensitive to alcohol and slightly sensitive to benzine. It is suitable to be use as alco..


Cytron ARM Cortex M0

The 1st Arduino/Genuino UNO compatible 32-bit ARM Cortex-M0 running at 5V, fully shield compatible! Yes, ARM is quite famous architecture, it almost consume entir..


12V 28BYJ-48 Stepper Motor + ULN2003 Driver Board

Well, this stepper motor and stepper driver bundle will save your time looking for correct stepper combination :) You will still need an Arduino or controller to output t..


Maker UNO Guide - Color Printed Copy

A book is one of the most effective mediums to gain knowledge. Good Maker UNO Guide book is a beginner-friendly book, specially written for students and youngsters who ar..


3.2-inch Nextion NX4024K032 HMI Touch Display

This is an HMI (Human Machine Interface) Touch Screen Display, with a 3.2-inch size. The Nextion Enhanced versions are more powerful than the standard ones. Compared to t..


Adafruit Feather Cortex-M0 Adalogger

Note: This board comes with loose headers, so soldering is required. please take EXTRA PRECAUTION while doing soldering works. We don't want you to get burnt.Feather ..