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Temperature Sensor Module

Temperature Sensor Module

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* New batch comes without analog pin.

This low cost temperature sensing module provide easy to use sensor. It comes with  analog and digital output, we will talk about that later. This temperature module uses NTC Thermister to detect temperature changes and with the on board components, you can use it right away by providing power of 3.3V to 5VDC. In short, NTC (Negative Temperature Coefficient) thermister will change the effective resistance over temperature, utilizing this behaviour, we can detect the room/environment temperature by measuring the voltage from a resistor network, like a voltage divider.  However, this module is not suitable to measure absolute temperature, it is suitable for relative temperature measurement. If you like to measure absolute temperature, please check out the LM35 (Degree Celsius).

This module has integrated the resistor, LEDs (power indicator and digital output trigger indicator), a NTC thermister, a comparator and a potentiometer for threshold level adjustment. Compatible with any microcontroller with either digital input or analog input, such as SK40C, SK28A, SKds40A, Arduino, SK18B, etc.

VCC = 3.3V to 5VDC
GND = GND of power and signal
DO = digital output, can be adjusted using on board potentiometer. Output LOW when temperature sensed low then threshold. Can be interface directly with microcontroller's digital input.
AO = Analog output, output from resistor ladder which form a voltage divider. Can be interface directly to microcontroller's analog input.


  • Operating voltage: 3.3V to 5VDC
  • Sensitive to environment temperature
  • Adjustable sensitity for digital output with on board potentiometer, clock wise will set the temperature low, counter clockwise will set the temperature high for trigger.
  • When temperature is higher than threshold, DO will be LOW and vise versa.
  • AO is around 1.45V at 27 degree Celsius. Higher Temperature reduces the voltage at AO.
  • Plug and Use
  • Come with analog and digital output
  • A M3 size mounting hole
  • Dimension: 3cm x 1.6cm
  • On board power indicator LED and digital state indicator LED
  • On board comparator for digital output threshold setting

* Suitable for relative temperature measure, not absolute temperature measurement.

* Comes with female to female jumper wire


May i know the range of temperature of this module sensor? ( Saiful Azrie, 10/12/2017 )
Hi, we don't have this information from the suppler. Anyway this sensor is recommended for relative temperature measure, not absolute temperature measurement. For further questions, please visit to our technical forum for similar question or post your question there, as this session is only for short inquiry. Thanks.
may i know where can i find body temperature sensor or module or shield for arduino., thanx ( zubaidi, 18/04/2016 )

Hi, This product is already discontinued. Sorry we are not sure about that either. Thanks. :)

May I know when this sensor will be available again ? ( Ella, 05/07/2015 )


We plan to discontinue this item. Sorry for inconvenice caused.


can you give me the model of this sensor, or the data sheet for this temperature sensor. ( hazim, 30/12/2014 )

Hi, the manufacturer does not provide the part number or datasheet of the temperature sensor on the module. It is NTC as stated in the description .

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