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Tamiya Double Gearbox

Tamiya Double Gearbox

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  • Product Code: MO-TMY-70168
  • Warranty Period: 12 months
The Tamiya #70168 double gearbox is a compact unit with two independent motors and gear trains which is perfect to build a small-sized mobile robot. The possible gear ratio configurations are 12.7:1, 38:1, 115:1, and 344:1, giving you many options for your robot speed and torque. Although it is not typical, but it is possible to assemble each side with different gear ratios. 
The output shafts are 3 mm hexagonal axles that are 10 cm (about four inches) from tip to tip. The axles work with any of the Tamiya wheels to meet the robot's runway requirement.
The double gearbox uses two units of FA-130 (18100) motors that run on 1.5 to 3.0 volts. Please refer to the datasheet for the motor specifications.
The double gearbox is very similar to the Tamiya 70097 twin-motor gearbox. The gear ratio options of the two products complement each other well, but the mounting holes and overall dimensions vary slightly. The double gearbox is shorter and wider than the twin-motor gearbox, and the gears are a bit smaller and wider. This should make the double gearbox a bit more robust, though we have not heard any reports of the twin-motor gearbox gears breaking.
  • Operating Voltage range : 1.5V - 3.0V
  • Norminal Voltage : 3V DC
  • Torque & RPM (for gear ratio 12.7:1): 9.4mN.m, 764RPM
  • Torque & RPM (for gear ratio 38.2:1): 28.3mN.m, 254RPM
  • Torque & RPM (for gear ratio 114.7:1): 84.9mN.m, 84RPM
  • Torque & RPM (for gear ratio 344.2:1): 254.7mN.m, 28RPM
  • No Load Current: 0.15A
  • Stall current: 2.10A
  • Shaft dimension: 2.0mm diameter x 7.7mm length
  • Weight: 110g
Documentation and reference:


Can this wheel suit with Tamiya Truck Tire Set? ( ifaq, 09/06/2017 )
Hi, yes it is compatible. Thanks.
Can this product speed be varied using PWM? or its better to buy SPG gear motor for PWM control? ( Amrul Akil, 20/11/2015 )

Hi, Yes both products' speed can be varied using PWM but you need suitable motor driver to control the PWM of the motor. If you have further inquiry, please do continue the discussion in our technical forumfacebook group as this session is only for short inquiry. Thanks. :)

Can the two halves of this gearbox be separated so as to use it on a much wider platform. ( Mohamed Tahir, 08/02/2015 )

Hi, the halves can not be separated.

May I know what is the dimension and weight of this product? And, can this product implement in mobile robot, like vacuum mobile robot? ( Kevin, 20/01/2015 )


We do not have detail dimension for this motor. Sorry for inconvenience caused.

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