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New -7% RPi 400 Home Learning Computer Kit with LCD Monitor

RPi 400 Home Learning Computer Kit with LCD Monitor

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    Note: This product can ONLY be shipped within Malaysia.

    Note: This Computer kit DOES NOT come with Speaker, Mic, or USB Webcam for online conference calls like Google Meet or Zoom. You might want to get these accessories separately:

    • A USB Webcam of your choice, we have tested many models of USB webcam in the market and the Raspberry Pi 400 supports them without any issue. Normally USB webcam comes with a built-in mic, so you can use it for Audio input too.
    • A USB to 3.5mm Audio Adapter that enables you to utilize the commonly available smartphone headset with a TRRS jack as an audio-in and out (mic and speaker).

    An exclusive Home Learning and Digital Making Computer Kit with the newly launched Raspberry Pi 400 keyboard computer, packed by Cytron Technologies. It is based on the 1st of its kind Raspberry Pi single-board computer. This kit includes everything you need to get it up and running as a computer. Worry about setting up? Check out this video by Berani Buat (in Bahasa Malaysia):

    Note: the video shows the setup with another monitor, wireless mouse (this kit comes with a wired mouse), however, the wiring and settings are the same :)

    Another good demonstration from Cikgu Siber (in Bahasa Malaysia):

    Note: Google Meet can be used on Chromium (default Internet Browser) as shown by various users but the screen sharing is not supported as of now.


    The Raspberry Pi 400 in this kit comes with a US layout keyboard, 78-key. The Raspberry Pi 400 is a very innovative integration and practical for everyone, as for most of the applications, a keyboard is needed to access or to navigate the operating system, like a laptop :)

    mini size Keyboard with US Layout, 78 keys



    Run Faster Than The Most Powerful Raspberry Pi

    1.8 GHz vs 1.5 GHz

    Yes, Raspberry Pi 400 comes with a similar processor to Raspberry Pi 4 Model B but clocked at a faster speed, 1.8GHz. This is 20% faster than 1.5GHz on Raspberry Pi 4 Model B. After more than a year of the launch of Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 1GB(discontinued), 2GB, and 4GB (8GB in May 2020), many have proved it to be at par with an entry-level x86 PC system and many had tried it to replace a desktop computer. It never disappoints any of us! With the faster processor speed, groundbreaking multimedia performance, and connectivity, and RAM of 4GB, you will be blown away with its performance! Now, this powerful single-board computer is embedded in a Keyboard, making it more convenient for everyone.


    We understand a monitor is necessary for day-in-day-out computer work. This computer kit includes a 20-inch (19.5" to be exact), High Resolution (1366 x 768), HDMI and VGA input ports LCD monitor. Set it up and use it. To make it more affordable for digital making and home learning, we bundle a monitor without a built-in speaker. In case you need audio output, please get the:

    Note: The LCD Monitor does not come with a Built-in Speaker.

    Note: The LCD Monitor comes with a UK Plug power cord.


    With the same powerful processor as the Raspberry Pi 4 Model B, the Raspberry Pi 400 requires at least a 3.0A USB-C power supply. The kit included the Official Raspberry Pi 5V 3A USB-C Adapter with UK plug (type G) and it is suitable to be used in Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, UAE, etc.


    The Raspberry Pi 400 preserves the dual micro-HDMI ports on Raspberry Pi 4 Model B that are capable of delivering 1 x 4Kp60 or 2 x 4Kp30 multimedia. This DIY computer kit includes an official Micro HDMI to HDMI cable (1 meter) to provide the optimum media output resolution support. We have also tried it on the 20" High-Resolution LCD Monitor and it works without issue.


    One of the uniqueness of this computer kit is the microSD card. Cytron Technologies has included a 16GB microSD card with a customized Raspberry Pi OS specially for Digital Making and Home Learning. It is also being configured to overclock the Raspberry Pi to 2.0 GHz to offer better performance.

    Besides, the Raspberry Pi OS has also been pre-installed with useful software/apps for Digital Making:

    • Arduino IDE - Top IDE for Microcontroller development board including Maker UNO, Arduino UNO, NodeMCU, etc
    • Scratch 3 - Block-based programming language
    • Thonny Python IDE - One of the MicroPython IDE
    • Pi Apps - To install other compatible Apps on Raspberry Pi OS
    • CommanderPi - To configure Raspberry Pi Clock easily
    • Telegram Desktop - To connect to your Telegram account and transfer URL or files easily
    • Zoom Desktop - Still a little laggy compare to Google Meet. Get it from the Internet menu

    Not to forget, we have also configured the default search engine to Google and open a few useful pages as default:

    • Gmail - for you to log in to your Gmail account easily
    • Google Meet - In case you need to attend an online class for home learning with a teacher :)
    • Google Classroom - Most of the schools are using Google Classroom for online learning material.
    • Official Raspberry Pi Foundation page
    • Official Raspberry Pi YouTube Channel
    • Makecode for microbit online programming
    • Cytron Technologies URL, in case you need help, just click the live chat at the bottom right corner. Our team will standby to serve :)


    Note: Google Meet can be used on Chromium (default Internet Browser) as shown by various users but the screen sharing is not supported as of now.

    It comes with the SD card adapter (with Raspberry Pi Logo) for the ease of accessing micro SD from a computer or SD card reader.

    Note: It is normal for the 1st boot to be slower (around 30 seconds to 1 minute) as the Raspberry Pi needs to extract and expand the file system on the microSD card. The subsequent boot will be faster.

    Note: Please DO NOT format this microSD card, it is preloaded with customized Raspberry Pi OS for Raspberry Pi 400.

    The Raspberry Pi 400 comes as a keyboard computer, you do not need to get a separate keyboard. Yet, you will most likely need a mouse to navigate in the operating system, at least during the beginning. Hence, we include a USB Wired 1000dpi Optical Mouse. As it is a USB wired mouse, you are free from the worries about the battery running out. It will always be powered as long as it is connected to a USB port :)

    This USB Wired Optical Mouse provides great cursor control for browsing documents or Internet pages or even to be used with your Raspberry Pi 400. It is not a fancy high-tech mouse, but it is perfect for digital making and home learning usage. It is a three-button mouse, a scroll wheel, and a 140cm long USB A cable. Just insert the USB A to one of Raspberry Pi 400 Keyboard Computer's USB ports (USB2.0 or 3.0) and it works right out of the box, no driver is needed. Super easy!

    This Digital Making and Home Learning Computer Kit packed by Cytron Technologies includes:

    So basically, it comes with all the necessary devices for you to set up as a Digital Making and Home Learning kit. Anyway, in the case where you need to do a conference call like Google Meet or Zoom, you might want to get these accessories:

    • A USB Webcam of your choice, we have tested many models of USB webcam in the market and the Raspberry Pi 400 supports them without any issue. Normally USB webcam comes with a built-in mic, so you can use it for Audio input.
    • A USB to 3.5mm Audio Adapter - TRRS, this adapter enables you to use the commonly available smartphone headset as an audio input (mic) and output (speaker) during a conference call.

    Here is a video on how to setup up Google Meet on Raspberry Pi 400:

    We hope you enjoy the digital making and learning using Raspberry Pi 400!


    • Raspberry Pi 400 Home Learning and Digital Making Computer kit by Cytron
    • Comes with a 16GB microSD card with pre-loaded Raspberry Pi OS, overclock to 2.0GHz, Pre-installed Digital Making, and Home Learning friendly apps.
    • US Layout, 78-key Raspberry Pi 400 Keyboard Computer
    • DIY (Do It Yourself) Computer Kit, some basic setup is necessary
    • 20-inch (19.5-inch) High-Resolution HDMI LCD Monitor
    • UK Plug USB-C Power Adapter, 5V 3A
    • USB Wired 1000dpi Mouse
    • All parts can be reused for other purposes or projects
    • Perfect for beginners, schools, students, and maker-lab
    • Raspberry Pi 400:
      • A Keyboard Computer
      • 78-key mini US Layout Keyboard
      • Broadcom BCM2711C0, 64-bit ARM Cortex-A72 (ARMv8), Quad-core, SoC running @ 1.8GHz, with a metal top for better heat dissipation
      • LPDDR4-3200 4GB SDRAM
      • Expanded 40-pin GPIO Horizontal Header
      • Storage: MicroSD or USB Drive
      • MicroSD card and USB Boot Ready out of the box
      • A push-push MicroSD card socket
      • Video/Audio Out:
        • 2 x micro HDMI port, supports 1 x 4Kp60, or 2 x 4Kp30
      • NO Audio & Video 3.5mm Jack
      • NO CSI (Camera) and DSI Port
      • Power Requirement, 5V/3.0A via USB type C connector
      • 2 x USB3.0 Port + 1 x USB2.0 Port
      • Gigabit Ethernet, >900 Mbps
      • NO PoE (Power over Ethernet) capability
      • 2.4GHz and 5GHz IEEE 802.11.b/g/n/ac wireless LAN, Bluetooth 5.0 and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)
      • Built-in PCB Antenna
      • Integrated as Keyboard computer, no extra enclosure/case to protect the motherboard
      • Comes with a big heatsink with very good heat dissipation for the CPU, keeping the whole system cool even under full-load
      • Low-Level Peripherals (via horizontal headers):
        • 27 x GPIO
        • UART
        • I2C bus
        • SPI bus with two chip selects
        • +3.3V
        • +5V
        • Ground
      • Integrated with a Kensington Lock
      • Supports Raspberry Pi OS, and all Raspberry Pi 4 Model B compatible 3rd party Operating System, for example, Ubuntu, Kodi, OSMC
      • Dimensions:  286mm x 122mm × 23mm
    • 20-inch (19.5-inch) High-Resolution HDMI LCD Monitor:
      • Display Size: 19.5" diagonal (Wide Screen 16:9)
      • Display Type: White LED
      • Display Colors: 16.7M Color Saturation (NTSC%) 72% NTSC
      • Pixel Pitch: 0.317mm(H) x 0.317mm(V)
      • Maximum Resolution: 1366 x 768 (HD Ready)
      • Contrast Ratio: 100,000,000:1Max (ACM)
      • Brightness: 200 cd/m2
      • Input Signal: Standard HDMI or VGA
      • Response Time: 5 ms (On/Off)
      • Built-in Speaker: N/A
      • Wall/VESA Mounting: 100mm x 100mm
      • Viewing Angle (CR=10) 90°(H),65°(V)  
      • Operating Power Consumption: 13.50 W
      • Standby Power Consumption: 450 mW
      • Off-Mode Power Consumption: 350 mW
      • UK Plug

    Packing List:

    • 1 x Raspberry Pi 400 Keyboard Computer, US Layout, 78-key
    • 1 x Raspberry Pi 15W USB-C Power Adapter, UK Plug, White
    • 1 x Raspberry Pi micro HDMI to standard HDMI (A/M) cable, 1 meter
    • 1 x 16GB microSD card preloaded with Raspberry Pi OS, configured to overclock to 2.0GHz, Pre-installed Apps
    • 1 x 20-inch (19.5-inch) High-Resolution HDMI LCD Monitor
    • 1 x CliPtec 1000dpi USB Wired Mouse-Black


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