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  • RBT Project Kit with micro:bit V2 included
  • RBT Project Kit without micro:bit
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REKA:BIT RBT Project Kit comes with all the components and resources you need to build robotic and coding projects for RBT Y5 and Y6 (Reka Bentuk dan Teknologi Tahun 5 & 6).





This project kit comes with a hardcopy Quick Start Guide written in simple language. You will have access to online resources which includes example code and step-by-step building video for each project.





Softcopy of the Quick Start Guide in 3 different languages are available for FREE! Click on the book covers below to download.

English VersionMalay VersionChinese Version


Extra information for each component are also included in the guide book to empower the students to build even more interesting projects and useful applications with this kit.



This project kit uses Microsoft MakeCode Editor with the REKA:BIT RBT Project Kit extension exclusively to ease your task in building the projects.

If you’re a beginner, you can start with the block programming mode; simply drag, drop and snap the coding blocks together. For more advanced users, you can easily switch into JavaScript or Python mode on MakeCode Editor for text-based programming.


Visit our REKA:BIT RBT Project Kit Online Resource Hub to get all the resources that you need for to build each of the projects, with tons of additional micro:bit projects now!

Warranty Period: 12 months


REKA:BIT micro:bit expansion board



Maker Soil Moisture Sensor - capacitive soil moisture sensor
RGB LED Stick - comes with 8 programmable RGB LEDs

Packing List

What's Included?

This product comes with 2 options:

REKA:BIT RBT Project kit

with micro:bit V2 included

REKA:BIT RBT Project Kit

without micro:bit


REKA:BIT RBT Project Kit with micro:bit V2 included


REKA:BIT RBT Project Kit without micro:bit

 Note 1  This kit does NOT come with the micro:bit board. You may consider the other options which includes the micro:bit board.

 Note 2  Get a Grove Buzzer module if you are going to use REKA:BIT with micro:bit V1 board (No built-in piezo buzzer). 



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