RBT Standard 5 Solar Project Kit

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Free Webinar about these Solar kits on 31st March 2021. Co-organized by Cytron Technologies dan Cikgu Get Certified (https://t.me/cgetcertified) with the support from SSTP JPN Johor (https://t.me/sstpjpnjohor).


Note: The Solar Project Kit consists of two different editions, both are based on Malaysia Primary School Standard 5 textbook. Specifically:

  • The Solar-Fan (Kipas Solar) project edition is based on Sekolah Kebangsaan (SK) and Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan-Tamil's (SJKT) textbook.
  • The Solar-Light project edition is based on Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan-Cina's (SJKC) textbook, where rechargeable batteries are included.

Please select the variation correctly :)



Once again, Cytron Technologies presents the in-house selected and packed do-it-yourself (DIY) Solar Project Kit. The kits are specially designed for Malaysia Primary School students and teachers who have to undergo a new subject known as Reka Bentuk & Teknologi (RBT). RBT is also a compulsory tech subject introduced to Secondary schools to enhance learning through practicality and hands-on. 

A couple of things you should know about the Solar Project Kit:

  • NO Hot Soldering Gun nor Hot Glue Gun is needed to complete the project!
  • NO Screwdriver to connect components or wires! Press-fit terminals are included.
  • Everything you need in one box - The box is part of the project too!
  • Comes with an instruction manual - Sync to Standard 5 school textbook!
  • Designed to fuel creativity! - When combined with basic materials.

Cytron Simplify the digital making :)


Solar Project Kit - Fan Edition

Take a closer look at what's in the box and how easy it is to get started with the Solar Project Kit - Fan Edition:

The fan will cool you under the hot sun. The energy to drive the fan is renewable, no carbon emission and is green! We should embrace and appreciate renewable energy. Together, let's make a better world and conserve the environment for our future generation.


Solar Project Kit - Light Edition

Here is another edition of the solar project kit, the Light Edition Solar Project Kit. Did I mention it comes with rechargeable batteries? Here's a video showing how you can set up a Moser Bottle Lamp easily!


Check out how easy Jayden assemble the Light Solar Kit and learn about Solar energy:)



No Soldering Gun nor Hot Glue Gun is needed!

All components and parts come with pre-soldered wires, no extra soldering is needed to construct the project. To stick parts onto the box, the kit also includes sufficient double-sided tapes, just use it like normal tape to mount the parts :) Simply easy! Again, a hot glue gun is not necessary.

Well, to further simplify the digital making, the kit also comes with screwless terminal blocks. You just press and fit the wires between components to complete the circuit :) Awesome, right? I am sure you will love it.


Everything you need in one box - The perfect way to introduce solar power renewable energy!


The Box is Part of the Project!

The box itself is not only the container of the components, it is designed specifically for this project too. The graphic on the box shows the location to mount components and there are pre-cut holes for the switch and wiring too.




Designed to fuel creativity! - When combined with basic materials.

Build a simple Moser Bottle Light.


.. or maybe light up a mini DIY aquarium?


With raw materials, the possibilities to build a windmill the limitless!

DID YOU KNOW? The Fan Kit actually allows you to conduct a Wind energy experiment by simply spinning the fan to light up the LED! Check out this cool trick in this video on how you can do that by DIY your own ice cream stick hut with the combination of fan and wind renewable energy!

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