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Out Of Stock Raspberry Pi 16mm Telephoto Lens (C Mount)

Raspberry Pi 16mm Telephoto Lens (C Mount)

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    Note: Due to the distribution region, this product can ONLY be shipped to ASEAN countries (Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, and Brunei).
    Note: This is the 16mm Telephoto C Mounting Lens WITHOUT the Raspberry Pi HQ camera module, if you need to get complete set, please check these kits out:

    With the launch of the 1st High Quality (HQ) Camera module from Raspberry Pi on 30th April 2020, you will need a lens to use it :) This is the 16mm C-mount lens that matches the HQ camera module.

    Here is some info about C-mount and CS-mount from meijitechno.com:

    "C- and CS-mount lenses are both threaded lens mounts found on most industrial CCD cameras and lenses. The difference between C and CS-mount equipment is the distance between the flange of the lens (the part of the case that butts up against the camera) and the focal plane of the lens (where the CCD sensor must be positioned). This is known as the flange back distance.

    The C-mount lens specification for flange back distance is 17.53 mm, and on CS-mount lenses, it is 12.53 mm. If you have a CS-mount camera and a C-mount lens, you can add a 5mm spacer to obtain the correct focus. If, however, you have a C-mount camera and a CS-mount lens, the correct focus cannot be achieved."

    This is a 16mm C-mount lens, so the C-CS adapter is essential when it is being fitted onto the Raspberry Pi HQ camera.


    In case you didn't know, the newly launch HQ camera module is capable of delivering 12MP of a picture with the SONY IMX477 image sensor. The body is an industry milled aluminum lens mount with an integrated tripod mount and a focus adjustment ring that is compatible with C or CS mount lens. 
    The HQ Camera Module comes WITHOUT Lens
    This is 16mm C Mount Lens offers 10MP of resolution for the HQ camera.

    This is with 16mm Lens on HQ camera (the HQ camera is not included)


    Not familiar with the Raspberry Pi HQ Camera? Fear not, check out the official HQ camera guide from Raspberry Pi. And do check this video by Devscover Coding & Raspberry Pi, he shows the operation of both Raspberry Pi HQ camera and the lenses:


    • Image Format: 1"
    • Focal Length: 16mm
    • Resolution: 10MegaPixel
    • Aperture: F1.4 - 16
    • Mount: C
    • Field Angle DxHxVº:
      • 1": 44.6º x 33.6º
      • 2/3": 30.0º x 23.2º
      • 1/1.8": 24.7º x 18.6º
      • 1/2": 21.8º x 16.4º
    • M.O.D.: 0.20m
    • Back Focal Length: 17.53mm
    • Optical Length: 67.53mm
    • Distortion:
      • 1" (-0.7%)
      • 1/2" (-0.5%)
      • 1/3" (-0.15%)
    • Dimension: Φ39.00x50.00mm
    • Net Lens Weight: 133.7gram
    • Operation: Manual

    Packing List:

    • 1 x Raspberry Pi 16mm Lens (C Mount)


    1. What is the 35mm-equivalent focal length of this lens? E.g. 85mm, 90mm or 100mm etc? 2. What is the minimum focusing distance? (important for macro photography) 3. Does the front of the lens accept screw-in filters? If so, what is the diameter of filter thread? ( Me, 02/05/2020 )
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