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Official Raspberry Pi 4B Case and Fan (Red&White) Kits

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    Available Options

    • Case + Fan + RPi 4B 8GB
    • Case + Fan + RPi 4B 4GB
    • Case + Fan + RPi 4B 2GB
    • Case + Fan + RPi 4B 1GB
    • Case + Fan
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    Official RPi 15W (5V/3A) PSU USB C UK Plug-White

    Official RPi 15W (5V/3A) PSU USB C UK Plug-White

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    Raspberry Pi Micro-HDMI to Standard HDMI, 1m White

    Raspberry Pi Micro-HDMI to Standard HDMI, 1m White

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    • Grand total: 50-449

    • Product Code: V-PI4WF
    • Warranty Period: 12 months

    Note: These are options for the Official Case (Red & White) and Case Fan for Raspberry Pi 4 Model B. Please choose your preferred kit under the Available Options:



    Now, The Most Powerful Raspberry Pi Comes with

    8GB, 4GB, 2GB or 1GB RAM

    The Raspberry Pi is a series of small single-board computers developed by the Raspberry Pi Foundation in the UK to promote the teaching of basic computer science in schools and in developing countries. The original model became far more popular than anticipated, getting outside its target market for uses such as automation, multimedia, robotics, IoT, and now even in IR4.0.


    The official case/enclosure for the powerful Raspberry Pi, Raspberry Pi 4 Model B comes with a cooling fan and heatsink. It will keep your Raspberry Pi cool!

    Note: Choose your preferred Raspberry Pi 4 Model B from the Options.

    Everything is snap and fit, including the case, the case fan; NOT a single screw or nut is needed to assemble it. Neat and nice!

    It also comes with an adhesive heatsink for you to paste on the BCM2711 CPU of Raspberry Pi 4 Model B, further keeping the board cool!

    Did I mention it? The cooling fan is PWM controllable from Raspberry Pi OS. By default, the fan will start spinning right after the Raspberry Pi 4 Model B is powered. If temperature-controlled fan activation is needed, some configuration is needed. Anyway, just make sure to update the Raspberry Pi OS.

    Since it is PWM controllable, there is an extra wire needed besides the RED for 5V(pin 2 or 4) and BLACK for the GND (pin 6). The additional BLUE wire should be connected to pin 8 of Raspberry Pi's GPIO.

    Now, using the Raspberry Pi 4 Model B single-board computer in the official case will be worry free! Check out the following graph of temperature performance under stress-test (Stressberry) in different conditions: CPU clocking at 1.5GHz

    • Red Line - Raspberry Pi 4 Model B with 3 heatsinks (CPU, RAM, and USB Controller), in the official case (Red/White), NO additional fan
    • Blue Line - Raspberry Pi 4 Model B, bare board, NO heatsink, and not in any case/enclosure
    • Orange Line - Raspberry Pi 4 Model B with 3 heatsinks (CPU, RAM, and USB Controller), not in any case/enclosure
    • Green Line - Raspberry Pi 4 Model B WITH the only heatsink on CPU, in the official case (Red/White) and the add-on case fan

    As the chart shows, the case fan will keep the Raspberry Pi cool in the official case under full load test :)


    • Raspberry Pi 4 Model B Board:
      • Broadcom BCM2711, 64-bit ARM Cortex-A72 (ARMv8), Quad-core, 28nm Processor SoC running @ 1.5GHz, with a metal body for better heat dissipation.
      • LPDDR4 SDRAM
        • 8GB
        • 4GB
        • 2GB
        • 1 GB
      • 2 x USB3.0 Port + 2 x USB2.0 Port
      • Expanded 40-pin GPIO Header
      • Video/Audio Out:
        • 4-pole 3.5mm connector
        • 2 x micro HDMI port, support 4Kp60 video, dual display
        • Raw LCD (DSI)
      • Image/Camera input: CSI port
      • Storage: MicroSD
      • True Gigabit Ethernet, >900 Mbps
      • Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) support (requires separate PoE HAT)
      • 2.4GHz and 5GHz IEEE 802.11.b/g/n/ac wireless LAN, Bluetooth 5.0, and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)
      • Low-Level Peripherals:
        • 27 x GPIO
        • UART
        • I2C bus
        • SPI bus with two chip selects
        • +3.3V
        • +5V
        • Ground
      • Power Requirement, 5V/3.0A via USB type C connector.
      • Supports Raspbian, and check 3rd party operating systems here.
      • Dimensions: 85mm x 56mm x 17mm


    • Official Case and Case Fan:

      • Complete bundle with the official case and case fan and extra heatsink for Raspberry Pi 4 Model B board
      • Snap and Fit, no screw or nut is needed
      • Color of the case: Red and White
      • The fan and wires are hidden completely inside the case, no one will notice there is a fan in the case :)
      • Only 3-pin from the fan to be connected for the power and speed control
      • Fan Input Voltage: 5VDC supplied via 40-pin GPIO header on Raspberry Pi 4
      • The cooling fan is activated once it is powered up, by default.
      • PWM controllable from Raspberry Pi OS, configuration is required
      • Capable of delivering up to 1.4CFM of airflow over the processor, RAM, and power management IC
      • No Python code or script needed to be installed to work right out of the box with the Raspberry Pi OS (just need to update the configuration)
      • Comes with an additional adhesive heatsink (18mm x 18mm x 10mm) for the CPU chip, to further improve the heat dissipation
      • Designed by the Raspberry Pi team





    What Else Will You Need to Get Started?

    If you are new to Raspberry Pi 4 Model B, here are our recommendations for the existing user, maker, engineer:

    1. Power Supply or Power Adapter - Because Raspberry Pi 4 Model B comes with USB-C for input power, you will need USB-C Power Adapter. Get the official adapter from Raspberry Pi Foundation here:
    2. As always with new Raspberry Pi models, you'll need the latest version of Raspbian to run on your Raspberry Pi 4. You can get
    3. With dual HDMI ports and limited space, the Raspberry Pi 4 Model B can only utilize a micro HDMI socket. You can grab the:
    4. A step-by-step guide for you to get started will useful for beginners, get the Official Raspberry Pi 4 Beginner's Guide 4th Edition - Fully updated for Raspberry Pi 4 Model B.


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