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Microbit GPIO Expansion Board

Microbit GPIO Expansion Board

  • Brand: China
  • Product Code: BB-BIT-IOEXP
  • Availability:
  • Estimate 100 units available on 8th Jun
  • Warranty Period: 12 months
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  • RM26.50
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This is a low-cost expansion board for Micro:bit, which is specifically used for the IO ports of Micro:bit. It has taken all the IO resources on the Micro:bit, and also comes with a built-in buzzer. The small size is very suitable for small projects using Micro:bit.

Note: The board comes without Micro:bit controller board, please get it separately from here.

The buzzer is connected to the P0 pin. If you remove this jumper cap, it disconnects the connection between buzzer and P0 pin. The buzzer will not make any sound but you can use P0 pin like other normal IO pin.

At the back of this Microbit GPIO Expansion Board is labelled with pins name and features it holds like MOSI, MISO, Button A and Button B so there is no need for you to check on the pinout via Google Image :)

Note: Do not place it on a metal surface to avoid short circuit


  • Plug and play, compatiable with Micro:bit
  • IO expansion board for micro:bit
  • Small size, very suitable for DIY
  • All IO ports are extracted
  • On-board buzzer-you can directly use the music module in MakeCode to play music.
  • Two LEGO-compatible pin holes for easy assembly and integration
  • The 3PIN interface is distinguished by yellow (IO pins), red (3.3V), and black (GND). It is created so that plugging it in the wrong way is difficult, and it is convenient to plug in the sensors.
  • Dimensions: 37mm x 57mm
  • PCB board thickness: 1.6mm

Packing List:

  • 1 x Microbit GPIO Expansion Board 

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is it normal this onboard buzzer sound is so soft? ( Philip, 23/05/2020 )
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