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Maker UNO: Simplifying Arduino for {Education}

Maker UNO: Simplifying Arduino for {Education}

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Maker UNO was 1825% funded in Kickstarter on 17 Apr 2018.  


Maker UNO is an Arduino Compatible board specially designed to simplify building your projects:

  • Coding & Electronics made easy with built-in:{ 12x LEDs; 1x buzzer; 1x button; }
  • Troubleshooting made easy with LED indicators.



Students/Makers can skip the hassle of constructing the basic electronic circuit which is boring and time-consuming. Although it is equally important to learn about basic electronics, it can always come later after they have experienced how easy it is to create an awesome project. Start with fun and excitement. Start coding right away and see your board lights up and plays the melody with the press of a button.

For experienced makers, this is also useful to quickly test your code without having to connect any other devices.



With the conventional Arduino boards, makers also face another common problem - difficulty in troubleshooting their circuit. This is because when it doesn't work, we do not know whether the problem is due to wire connection or coding.



With Maker UNO, the problem is solved! Not only do the onboard LEDs work as outputs, they can also act as indicators, clearly showing what's happening on that pin. When the pin is used as input, you can clearly see whether the signal is received by just looking at changes on the LEDs. 



Additional Features


One of the brilliant features of the official Arduino Uno is the label printed on its pin headers. It saves us a lot of time when we want to connect the I/O pins to the external circuit. So, we include a set of these label stickers for pin headers in each of the Maker UNO! (Please note that you need to peel off the stickers and stick them on your Maker UNO by yourself)



Students always get their boards mixed up. With Maker UNO, you can write your name on the board. Problem solved!


Maker UNO uses the common Micro USB cable which is basically everywhere.



Don't throw your box away! There is a small opening on the box for you to plug the USB cable so that you can keep your Maker UNO safely in the original box, no additional casing required.





Maker UNO is fully compatible with Arduino. You can share the same library and code. We put in 12x LEDs, 1x piezo buzzer and 1x programmable button on the Maker UNO. We have removed the DC jack power input socket as most of the boards used in classes are powered using USB. We have also replaced the ATmega16u2 with CH340 to bring down the cost.


Every piece of Maker UNO is fully tested with this test jig before it is being packed and ship to user:)

Feature Projects


Here we introduce some simple but fun projects that can be easily built using only Maker UNO. We share the source codes so that you can try them at home.





For educators, you can consider purchasing the Maker UNO Edu Kit which comes with most of the basic components and accessories to make projects such as light-controlled DC fan and speed controlled running lights.




Resources for Teachers in Reka Bentuk Teknologi (RBT):

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is the RF-TRX-2.4G working on the MAKER UNO?
( Marco Albanese , 27/09/2020 )
Hi, yes, but you'll need to adjust SPI speed. Thanks :)
Hi there, does this come with a piezo buzzer? Cause I cant seem to find it in the plastic bag that came with it
( Azim, 23/08/2020 )
Hi, yes it comes with a built-in piezo buzzer on the board ya. For further assistance, you may drop an email to support@cytron.io 
Thanks :)
Can i get the code for the default sketch ? ( Chris Samuel , 12/07/2020 )
Not answered yet.
Hi cytron, model no sesuai ke nk gune untuk buat project ( Danielle, 29/06/2020 )
Hi, kami ada beberapa tutorial menggunakan model ini. Boleh rujuk pada tutorial kami https://tutorial.cytron.io/?s=maker+uno
PLEASE RESTOCK MAKER UNO SPECIAL!!! PLEASE!!!!!!! ( Lim Chee Hoe, 21/02/2020 )
Hi, we're sorry as this product is no longer available as it has categorized under discontinued product. Thanks :)
What happened to Maker UNO special edition? The rainbow version if im not mistaken. I would to gift it to my daughter. ( Jeremiah, 10/12/2019 )
Hi, we're sorry as we've categorized it under the discontinued item. You may consider this for your daughter too. Thanks :)
Can i use different type usb cable. ( ARIF, 21/04/2019 )
Hi, you can use any Micro B usb cable.
Hi, i face a problem when i was installing the CH 341 port. It stated that the drive is successfully Pre-installed in advance. Now i cant find the port for maker uno. Can u help me to solve this?
( Hao Yuan, 12/04/2019 )
Hi, for your problem we advise you to post on our forum for details discussion.
What are the dimensions of maker uno?
( Ian, 08/04/2019 )

Hi, it is 69.09mm x 60.96mm you may refer to the Users Manual for more info. Thanks.

Could this product be powered by a phone power bank through the usb? ( Amirul, 04/04/2019 )
Hi, yes Maker UNO can be power up via power bank :) 

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