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LCD Keypad Shield

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We are now carrying the LCD Keypad sheild. Suitable for Arduino main board which include the Arduino Uno and Leonardo. It is sometime call navigation sheild because it comes with 6 momentary push buttons for menu navigation. Besides the push button, it also includes an 2x16 LCD.
Note: You need to turn the on-board Potentiometer (blue color) to adjust screen contrast. 

  • Operate at 5V
  • Uses Arduino LCD4Bit library
  • Plug and Use with Arduino main board, no solder or fly-wiring needed.
  • 2x16 LCD.
  • 6 push buttons
Works with: Arduino Uno, CT-UNO, Arduino Mega and Arduino Duemilanove.

* LCD schematic attached, the power LED is not populated.
Arduino 1.0 Compatible Library (Thanks to Glendon Klassen)
Using LCD4Bit_mod
Fritzing File
Fritzing Tutorial
Arduino 1.0 LCD4Bit_mod Library
User's Manual V1.0 July 2011
Q & A (12)
Is this compatible with maker uno? https://my.cytron.io/p-maker-uno-simplifying-arduino-for-education ( CHEW DING YI , 18/05/2021 )
Hi. Yes, you can use it with maker uno. Thanks:)
Hi, Is it possible to turn off the red power led, which is very bright, and how ? Thanks ( BG, 05/06/2018 )
Hi, you can't turn off by program, unless you dismantle it. Thanks.
Can you provide the shields dimensions? ( Tyler, 17/02/2018 )
Hi, it is 8cm X 5.8cm :)
Hi, can i use this with CIKU?? much thanks! ( finux2500, 20/09/2016 )
Hi, Yes, can take a look on our tutorial. http://tutorial.cytron.com.my/2014/08/26/ciku-lcd-keypad-shield/ If you have further question, you can ask at our technical forum, as this session is only for short inquiry. Thanks. ??
Why does buttons SELECT and DOWN not working? I'm using arduino mega with library LCD_Key. Other buttons working just fine. ( Luqman Hakim, 24/01/2016 )
Hi, Please contact our support team at support@cytron.com.my with brief explanation and provide info such as photo/video, code and etc. thanks. :)
Is there a detailed dimensioned drawing available for this? I would like to fabricate a cover and it will be a pain to measure everything by hand. ( Chris, 11/12/2015 )
Hi. Sorry we do not have the detailed dimensional drawing for this shield. Thanks. :)
Does this compatible with this arduino? http://www.cytron.com.my/p-arduino-due ( Steven, 25/09/2015 )
Hi, it is not compatible with Arduino Due. Thanks. 
Why doesn't anything changes on the lcd display even after is says done uploading? I have chosen the correct board and serial port but still the shield displays nothing. ( Anonymous, 05/07/2015 )
Hi, please contact our support team (support@cytron.com.my) with picture of hardware setup.
may i know the provide frtizzing file of the connection of LCD keypad sheild with Arduino? ( ong, 31/05/2015 )
The fritzing file provided is the outlook of LCD keypad shield, not the shecmatic of the keypad shield. The schematic is downloadable under "Attachment" tab and it is in pdf format.
Is the 2x16 display backlit? ( Eric, 25/05/2015 )
Yes, there is backlight and is can be controlled by digital pin D10.

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