Grove - Air Quality Sensor v1.3

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The sensor is designed for indoor air quality testing. The main gas detected is carbon monoxide, alcohol, acetone, thinner, formaldehyde and other slightly toxic gases. It is compatible with 5V and 3.3V power supply.The sensor is suitable for application that requires qualitative results, like auto refresher sprayers and auto air cycling systems.
For all Grove users (especially beginners), we provide you guidance PDF documents. Please download and read through Preface - Getting Started and Introduction to Grove before your use of the product.
Ready to use with microcontrollers as digital input. This product also has a compact modular design Plug-and-play grove compatible interface.

Based on the picture above, the grove shield for Arduino is stacked with Seeeduino V4.2. Of course you can use that shield with Arduino too :)

You can get grove hat for Raspberry Pi here. It may not be the same as product above but still can use with Raspberry Pi.

Note: Controllers is sold separately.

Getting Started:

Warranty Period: 12 months
  • Low power consumption
  • High sensitivity
  • Tiny outline
  • Responsive to a wide scope of target gases
  • Cost efficient
  • Durable
  • Compatible with 5V and 3.3V


  • Sensor: Winsen MP503
  • Power: 5V or 3.3V
  • Dimension: 40x20mm
Packing List
  • 1 x Grove - Air Quality Sensor v1.3
  • 1 x Grove 4 Pin Buckled 20cm Cable
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