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-5% E-Course Junior Maker Club 10 lessons with Learning Kit

E-Course Junior Maker Club 10 lessons with Learning Kit

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    Note: This package INCLUDES a learning kit. If you already own the learning kit, please choose the package without the Learning Kit instead.


    Arus Academy proudly presents a do-it-yourself online learning experience with the micro:bit programming. We now deliver a learning experience that students can go through in their own time. There is no need for a live Google Meet or Zoom session for the lessons. What we offer instead is a learning platform that is interactive and an engaging experiential experience. We also offer supplementary weekly consultation hours (by appointment) for additional help students might need. Consultation sessions are done via Google Meet with an actual teacher.

    A great thing about a self-learning experience is that you can attempt as many times as possible to do the challenges.


    Students will be challenged to apply the coding knowledge and skills to build physical projects and submit entries for various competitions such as Coolest Projects Malaysia, Penang International Science Fair (PISF), Kuala Lumpur Engineering Science Fair (KLESF), do your bit digital challenge, so on and so forth.



    The learning kit includes the following items:

    micro:bit - The Wireless Microcontroller for Beginner

    The latest micro:bit V2 is included as the main microcontroller in the kit. FYI, micro:bit is one of the famous microcontroller platforms being adopted into the primary school syllabus (Reka Bentuk Teknologi) in Malaysia starting from 2021. And of course, micro:bit V2 is the enhanced version of the micro:bit controller.



    micro:bit V1.5 vs micro:bit V2 (the latest)


    Motor:bit is a Motor Driver Board with Useful Extensions

    To further ease the digital making, this learning kit also includes a motor:bit extension board. Motor:bit is a motor driving board based on micro:bit. It has integrated a TB6612 motor driving chip, which is used to drive two DC brush motors with a maximum of 1.2A on each channel. It has also integrated twelve GVS (Gnd, VCC, Signal) ports and one I2C communication port. These ports allow you to extend with various sensors and electric modules.

    On the board, P3-P7, P9-P10 are IO ports for directly driving 3.3V devices; P13-P16, P19-P20(I2C port) support 3.3V/5V voltage switch. Sliding the voltage switch onboard, it is available to drive 3.3V or 5V devices. Besides, you can play music with the buzzer on motor:bit. Motor:bit is totally designed for DIYers. You can use it to create your own smart car or more funny projects.



    For exercises, this learning kit comes with Grove modules, for example, Red LED Grove module and Green LED Grove module:


    Besides LED as output, this learning kit also includes a Button with LED as input:


    To make an interesting project, we believe movement is crucial. This learning kit comes with two types of motion output. 1st is a famous compact RC servo motor, SG90 where you can easily connect to the motor:bit extension board SVG header ports.


    And the commonly used DC brush motor with a propeller, you will be able to program a cooling fan with it :)

    Not to forget you will get a 6xAA battery holder as the power input and it can be connected to motor:bit to power the micro:bit and all the components included, making your project portable.

    Two packs of 4xAA size Heavy Duty batteries are included too, so you can start the digital making right away.


    • Learning kit packed for Junior maker to learn digital making and problem-solving skills at the comfort at home.
    • Based on the latest version of micro:bit, the V2
    • Comes with all the necessity to get started.
    • Match perfectly with e-course STEM Junior Maker Club class, which cover 10 lessons:
      • Introduction to micro:bit
      • Event-based programming (digital input)
      • Event-based programming (digital output)
      • Introduction to Grove ecosystem
      • Programming variables
      • Precise motion with motors
      • Sensors
      • Programming selection
      • Programming loops
      • Project Planning
    • All parts can be reused for further experimental projects.
    • Platform language: English
    • Age group: 10 - 14 years old
    • Class size: No limit as this is a self-learning platform.
    • Time table: No schedule as this is flexible. Lessons will be released on a weekly basis. There will be an option to schedule a weekly consultant during office hours if needed.
    • Program Duration: Mid of July - Mid of October 2021


    • Computer/Laptop with an Internet connection


    Packing List:

    Once you registered and make the payment, Cytron will arrange to send you the learning kit and ARUS will contact you via email and provide you access to their learning platform.


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