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Dobot Magician Lite - Industrial Robot Arm for Education

Dobot Magician Lite - Industrial Robot Arm for Education

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    DOBOT Magician Lite, a multi-functional lightweight intelligent robotic arm. Magician Lite enjoys numerous software and hardware interaction methods and expansion interfaces in order to maximize students’ freedom to create. Through building and playing, students can learn how artificial intelligence and mechanics work. They will also be introduced to a world of rudimentary knowledge of robotics and how they can be used in the real world.

    Magician Lite offers project-based teaching demos that are interactive, practical, and interest-oriented, aiming to foster children’s logical thinking, hands-on skills, and creativity.

    Built to be open and widely compatible, Magician Lite can power legions of miniature immersive application scenarios, which not only help children better understand how AI and robots work in real settings, but also turn them into real-world problem solvers.

    Excellent Performance & Safe to Use

    Magician Lite is compact and only weighs 2.4kg, making it portable and easy to build an application scenario. Its repeatability positioning is 0.2mm, payload 0.25kg, and radius range 340mm. It supports a soft gripper, suction cup, pen grasper and other changeable end tools. The robot has a collision detection function, making it safe for children to be around.

    Magic Box for Unlimited Capabilities

    Magician Lite features an external controller called “Magic Box” that separates the motion control algorithm and user tasks to allow more convenience for programming and creating. The robot supports Bluetooth and Bluetooth connection. 12 expansion interfaces ensure maximum openness and compatibility.

    Graphical Programming (Software)

    With the new DobotBlock software platform, students can program, create games and animations by simply dragging and dropping coding blocks together, in order to control the robot's every move and learn how AI works while exploring technology and having fun.

    All-Age Project-Based Teaching

    Magician Lite comes with a complete curriculum system that is divided into three stages from beginner-level to advanced learner-level. The curriculum offers a variety of teaching demos that focus on experiential, project-based and exploratory-based learning. By participating in the DOBOT robotic competitions, students not only put their knowledge to test but also get to perfect their comprehensive ability, engineering ability, and innovation ability.


    • Compact and lightweight, only 2.4kg
    • Portable and flexible
    • Multiple end tools
      • Suction cup
      • Soft gripper
      • Pen holder
    • Safe and easy to use
    • Bluetooth connection
    • Multiple expansion interfaces
    • One-stop learning platform
      • DobotScratch - AI-powered Graphical Programming Platform
      • MicroPython - DobotScratch supports Scratch transfer to Python
    • AI and STEAM powered education solution
    • AI functions:
      • Voice recognition
      • Image recognition
      • Facial recognition
      • OCR text recognition
    • Special Functions:
      • Collision detection. Strengthened Safety, making it safe for children to be around.
      • Handheld teach & play. Easy to get started, intuitive and interactive


    • DOBOT Magician Lite
      • Degree of Freedom: 4
      • Maximum Load: 250g
      • Maximum reach:340mm
      • Repeatability: ±0.2mm
      • Voltage: 100V-240V AC, 50/60 Hz
      • Power Input: 12V~5A DC
      • Working Environment: -5°C~45°C
      • Power: 60W Max
      • Communication:
        • USB Virtual Serial Port  
        • Serial Port
      • Software: DobotStudio/DobotBlock
      • Weight: 2.4KG
      • Rear Arm/Forearm: 150mm
      • Base Size: 146mm×146mm
    • Magic Box
      • MCU: ARM 32-bit Cortex-M4
      • Main Frequency: 168 MHz
      • Voltage: 100V-240V AC, 50/60 Hz
      • Power Input: 12V~5A DC
      • Working Environment: -5°C~45°C
      • Power: 60W Max
      • Communication:
        • USB Virtual Serial Port
        • Serial Port
        • Bluetooth
      • Programming Language: MicroPython
      • Software: DobotStudio/DobotBlock
      • Weight: 98g
      • Size: 95mm×80mm×21.5mm
    • Axis Motion
      • Axis 1 (Base): -135° to +135°
      • Axis 2 (Rear Arm): -5° to +80°
      • Axis 3 (Fore Arm): -10° to +85°
      • Axis 4 (End Tools): -145° to +145°
    • End Tools
      • Pen Holder: Flexible pen point for smooth writing. Pen Diameter: 8-12 mm
      • Suction Cup: Built-in air pump drive works under negative pressure, with suction cup diameter of 20mm
      • Soft Gripper: Built-in air pump drive works under positive and negative pressure, with maximum opening and closing distance of 50mm
    • Expansion Interface
      • 2 x Power Interface: 4PIN, 12V~3A DC
      • 2 x Multi-Functional Communication Interface: 10PIN, Serial Communication Interface
      • 6 x I/O Interface: Green Terminal, 4PIN, 3.3V/5V-IO, 5V 1A-VCC, Multi-Function Multiplexing Interface, User-Defined I/O, AD, PWM Output, I2C, etc
      • 2 x Stepper Motor Interface: Yellow Terminal, 4PIN, 2-Phase Stepper Motor, 16 Subdivision, 12V 1A
      • 2 x 12V Power Interface: Red Terminal, 2PIN, 12V, 3A Max

    Packing List:

    • Magician Lite
    • Building block kit
    • Magic Box controller
    • Power Box
    • Camera Kit
    • End tools
      • Suction Cup
      • Soft Gripper
      • Pen Holder
    • Work mat
    • Tool kit
    • Cable set
    • Quick start guide


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