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-78% 6V 225RPM 0.35kgfcm Brushed DC Geared Motor

6V 225RPM 0.35kgfcm Brushed DC Geared Motor

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DC Geared Motor Bracket (SPG30/SPG50)

DC Geared Motor Bracket (SPG30/SPG50)

  • 10 or more RM12.80
  • 30 or more RM11.20


Metal Key Hub - 6mm

Metal Key Hub - 6mm

  • 10 or more RM19.30
  • 30 or more RM16.80


  • Total accessories: RM0.0
  • Grand total: 9.9

  • Product Code: SPG30A-10K
  • Warranty Period: 12 months

This is the only model that runs in 6V DC in our SPG30 geared motor series, the rest all run in 12V DC. We carry this model because some of you are using a 6V battery pack for certain reasons. The rest of the characters of the motor are similar to its SPG30 sibling.

It comes with a 10:1 reduction gearhead that produces 34mNm torque, and no load speed of 225RPM. Very suitable to build a wheeled mobile robot and other robotic projects. 

You may need a bracket to fix the motor at the desired location. 

You should consider getting the plastic wheel if you are building a wheeled mobile robot. 

Alternatively, get the metal key hub so that you can connect the motor shaft with a foreign part easily.


  • Rated voltage: 6VDC
  • No load current: < 80mA
  • No load speed: 225 ± 23 RPM 
  • Rated load torque: 34mN.m (0.35kgf.cm)
  • Rated current: < 340mA
  • Rated load speed: 169 ± 17 RPM
  • Weight: 141g
  • Gear ratio: 10:1
  • Shaft: 6mm diameter x 15.5mm length
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Packing List:

  • 1 x 6V 225RPM 0.35kgfcm Brushed DC Geared Motor
Motor Specification
Voltage 6VDC
Speed (RPM) 201 - 300
Torque (kgf.cm) < 1kgf.cm
Gear Ratio 10:1
Current < 340mA
Diameter Motor 37mm
Encoder No
are these motor run fast or slow ( izra, 29/12/2015 )

Hi, speed for this motor is 170rpm at free running. Thanks. :)

this motor can rotate? left and right.. ( amirulazwan, 29/09/2015 )

Left and right? This motor can rotate CW (clock wise) and CCW (counter clock wise).

hello... this motor can use with weight 6kg? can this motor rotate? left and right.. ( raden, 06/08/2015 )

Hi. Motor torque is not directly proportional to "weight".It actually depends on the design or the mechanism that you use. The question is a little bit unclear. If you have further inquiry you can contact our support team at support@cytron.com.my or discuss it in our technical forum.

hello.. this motor can run with battery 7.2 volt? ( MOhd Helmi, 04/12/2014 )

Yes, it can but it will get a bit warmer and faster.

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