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64GB MicroSD with JetPack for Jetson Nano

64GB MicroSD with JetPack for Jetson Nano

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    Note: The MakerDisk microSD card comes Pre-loaded with JetPack 4.5.1 for Jetson Nano B01 or Jetson Nano 2GB, ready to boot up on the respective board. Please DO NOT format it if you intend to use it with the respective boards.


    These MakerDisk MicroSD cards are Pre-loaded with JetPack 4.5.1.

    64GB MicroSD with JetPack for Jetson Nano B01 (4GB)64GB MicroSD with JetPack for Jetson Nano 2GB


    Note: These microSD cards are preloaded with two different versions of JetPack OS. The OS for Jetson Nano 2GB will NOT work with Jetson Nano B01 and vice versa. Be sure to select the correct MicroSD card for your board. :)


    Many Nvidia Jetson users have a common doubt: What type of microSD card is best for the boards? Well, we have been asking the same question since day 1:) We recommend Class A1 because of the characteristic of Nvidia accessing the memory on the microSD card. The random read and write speed is critical. For details of Class A1, please refer to here.

    "But more and more, memory cards are being used to extend the memory of devices that run apps. Devices like smartphones and mobile gaming consoles. The apps that run on these devices interact with memory space differently. Rather than a stream of sequential data, they want to write a lot of small chunks of data wherever there's space available. That's known as random read/write (compared to sequential read/write that's important for video)." which Nvidia Jetson falls into, the operating system will need to read/write data from/to the microSD card in random access.

    The MakerDisk microSD card has also gone through a special lifespan test by Raspberry Pi Foundation. Here is the methodology:

    "Each card under test is loaded with a custom image containing up-to-date Buster (Raspberry Pi OS) image, automated stress test scripts and a local website to be accessed using Google Puppeteer automation. The host Raspberry Pi 4 Model B is powered by a custom PSU allowing the 5V1 input power to be cut as required. Up to fifty of these RPis can be run in a self-contained soak/stress rig.

    On power up the RPi boots the image and autoruns a python-based test script. It first loads the standard Raspberry Pi Diagnostics test and logs the output to both the microSD card under test and optionally a plugged-in USB memory stick. During this operation, the PSU status indicator is held on constantly. Once this test has completed a random power-on time is set (between 60 and 300 seconds). This number is also logged to a second file so both the number of reboots and total run time can be determined later on. The MicroSD card is now exercised both by Google Puppeteer accessing multiple web pages from the Card and also a separate script creating, copying, and deleting multiple random length files. The PSU status indicator flashes twice a second during this time. Failed MicroSD cards can be quickly noted by the absence of this indicator light showing the RPi has failed to successfully boot from the card.

    The MicroSD card activity above continues as the power is cut. Power is held off for a second, the Pi reboots and the process starts again."

    Here are the results: The sample MakerDisk MicroSD cards gone through more than 1,700 times of random power interrupt and the speed tests show very good results. Superb!

    This MakerDisk microSD card comes pre-loaded with JetPack for Jetson Nano, so it can boot up on the Jetson Nano computers right out of the box. Please DO NOT format it. If you want to load other Operating Systems, we would recommend getting the Raspberry Pi Imager or BalenaEtcher and choose the preferred Operating System into the microSD card.

    Note: In case you need a USB microSD card reader/writer, get it from here.


    JetPack 4.5.1

    JetPack 4.5.1 is the latest production release by Nvidia and supports all Jetson modules. JetPack 4.5.1 is identical to JetPack 4.5.

    Key features in Jetpack:

    • OS
      • NVIDIA Linux 4 Tegra (L4T) provides the bootloader, Linux kernel 4.9, necessary firmware, NVIDIA drivers, sample filesystem based on Ubuntu 18.04, and more.
      • JetPack 4.5.1 includes¬†L4T 32.5.1
    • TensorRT
      • TensorRT¬†is a high-performance deep learning inference runtime for image classification, segmentation, and object detection neural networks. TensorRT is built on CUDA, NVIDIA‚Äôs parallel programming model, and enables you to optimize inference for all deep learning frameworks. It includes a deep learning inference optimizer and runtime that delivers low latency and high-throughput for deep learning inference applications.
      • JetPack 4.5.1 includes¬†TensorRT 7.1.3
    • cuDNN
      • CUDA Deep Neural Network¬†library provides high-performance primitives for deep learning frameworks. It provides highly tuned implementations for standard routines such as forward and backward convolution, pooling, normalization, and activation layers.
      • JetPack 4.5.1 includes¬†cuDNN 8.0
    • CUDA
      • CUDA Toolkit provides a comprehensive development environment for C and C++ developers building GPU-accelerated applications. The toolkit includes a compiler for NVIDIA GPUs, math libraries, and tools for debugging and optimizing the performance of your applications.
      • JetPack 4.5.1 includes¬†CUDA 10.2
    • Multimedia API
      • The¬†Jetson Multimedia API¬†package provides low-level APIs for flexible application development.
      • Camera application API: libargus offers a low-level frame-synchronous API for camera applications, with per frame camera parameter control, multiple (including synchronized) camera support, and EGL stream outputs. RAW output CSI cameras needing ISP can be used with either libargus or GStreamer plugin. In either case, the V4L2 media-controller sensor driver API is used.
      • Sensor driver API: V4L2 API enables video decode, encode, format conversion and scaling functionality. V4L2 for encode opens up many features like bit rate control, quality presets, low latency encode, temporal tradeoff, motion vector maps, and more.
    • Computer Vision (CV)
      • VisionWorks¬†is a software development package for Computer Vision (CV) and image processing.
      • OpenCV is a leading open-source library for computer vision, image processing, and machine learning.
      • VPI (Vision Programming Interface)1, a software library that provides Computer Vision / Image Processing algorithms implemented on PVA2 (Programmable Vision Accelerator), GPU, and CPU
      • JetPack 4.5.1 includes:
    • Developer Tools
      • CUDA Toolkit provides a comprehensive development environment for C and C++ developers building high-performance GPU-accelerated applications with CUDA libraries. The toolkit includes Nsight Eclipse Edition, debugging and profiling tools including Nsight Compute, and a toolchain for cross-compiling applications.
      • NVIDIA Nsight Systems¬†is a low overhead system-wide profiling tool, providing the insights developers need to analyze and optimize software performance.
      • NVIDIA Nsight Graphics¬†is a standalone application for debugging and profiling graphics applications.
      • JetPack 4.5.1 includes:
        • NVIDIA Nsight Systems 2020.5
        • NVIDIA Nsight Graphics 2020.5

    Note: Refer to release notes for more details.

    • Supported SDK and Tools
      • PowerEstimator is a webapp that simplifies the creation of custom power mode profiles and estimates Jetson module power consumption.
      • Deepstream SDK is a complete analytics toolkit for AI-based multi-sensor processing and video and audio understanding.


    MakerDisk Features:

    • A microSD card from Makers to Makers!
    • Brand: MakerDisk
    • Capacity/Size:¬†64GB
      • 1GB = 1,000,000,000 bytes.
      • Actual usable capacity may be less, depending on the format. From JetPack¬†OS, here is the capacity from file explorer, excluding the boot drive: ~ 56.9GB
      • Check the capacity calculation from Wiki.
    • Pre-loaded with JetPack OS, it is ready to boot up on Jetson Nano B01 or 2GB¬†board respectively, right out of the box!
    • The test results are better than Class A1 and Raspberry Pi Standards, which is definitely great for Jetson!
      • Class 10, A1, U3, V30 microSD card
      • Random IOPS - Read: > 2700 IOPS (A1 standard 1500 IOPS, Raspberry Pi Standard 2000 IOPS)
      • Random IOPS - Write: > 800 IOPS (A1 standard 500 IOPS, Raspberry Pi Standard 500 IOPS)
      • Sequential Write: > 32MB/S (A1 Standard 10MB/S, Raspberry Pi Standard 12MB/S)


    Packing List (Depends on selection):

    • 1 x 64GB Raspberry Pi Approved MakerDisk MicroSD with JetPack for Jetson Nano B01



    • 1 x 64GB Raspberry Pi Approved MakerDisk MicroSD with¬†JetPack for Jetson Nano 2GB


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