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3.7V 1100mAh Li-Ion Battery

3.7V 1100mAh Li-Ion Battery

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Dual 18650 Li-Ion Battery Charger

Dual 18650 Li-Ion Battery Charger

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  • Product Code: LI-3.7-1100
This is a typical Lithium Ion rechargeable battery in cylindrical shape that offer 1100mAh actual capacity (although it labelled 3000mAh by the OEM). It is a very low cost solution in electronic projects or small mobile robots that do not require high discharge current. You can put 2 units together to get 7.4V (norminal) or or 3 units to get 11.1V using the 18650 battery holders.

This battery comes with an integrated protection PCB to prevent over-charge/ over-discharge.
This is re-chargeable battery :) Please check Cytron simple DIY 18650 USB Charger and Dual Charger.

  • Norminal Voltage: 3.7V (fully charged at 4.2V)
  • Actual Capacity: 1100mAh
  • Low discharge rate, tested in lab: ~1.5A for 30 seconds
  • 18650 size: 18mm diameter and 67.5mm length
  • Integrated with protection circuit
  • Price is for 1 unit of battery only 

NOTE: Please refer LI-3.7-MH12210 for the replacement of this product.


Hi, can this product post to Sabah? I cannot add it ( Zubir, 11/12/2018 )
Hi, sorry for battery, we don't ship to Sabah and Sarawak due to custom restriction.
Hi, will this be continued? ( Yong Liang Neo, 24/10/2018 )
Hi, sorry we no longer carry this item.
Hi i'm looking for ICR14500 li-on 3.7v >800mAh . Do you have this rechargeable batteries? ( Ndtony, 06/07/2018 )
Hi, the list that we have it here https://www.cytron.io/c-474-lithium-ion-rechargeable-battery-and-charger.
How long do I need to charge it for the first time? tq ( Yuslan Ismail, 10/05/2018 )
Hi, there is no specific instruction for that. You can use LiPo Power Shield and charge it until full. Thanks.
What is your recommendation if I want to charge this battery with small scale solar cell. Thank you. ( Yusri, 09/01/2018 )
Hi, you need a charging circuit to charge Li-Ion battery. If you have solar with 5V USB output, then you can consider to use Rechargeable Torch Light to charge your Li-Ion battery. For further questions, please visit to our technical forum for similar question or post your question there, as this session is only for short inquiry. Thanks.
When will you restock this? ( Nusrah , 17/11/2017 )
Hi, it will be restocked in 2 weeks. Thanks.
Are these batteries the same physical size as a AA (double A)? ( Ed Naramor, 26/08/2017 )
Hi, it is bigger than AA battery. The size is stated on the "Description" tab, 18mm diameter and 67.5mm length. Thanks.
Can I know the actual weight of the battery? ( Kairul, 08/05/2016 )

Hi. Approximate weight is 38.5g. Thanks :)

Is this battery suitable to be used as a power supply for arduino Uno? ( chris, 29/12/2015 )

Hi. Yes, it is suitable but you need atleast two batteries as Vin. Thanks. :)

Bought 10pcs of these batteries. I guess this is useless battery....rubbish! The actual performance is only around 500mAh only, even though stated in the battery is 3000mAh. This is might be re-furbished battery from China. Could you please check ? Please watch this video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mbaSAyqhzxc ( Kumar, 16/05/2015 )

Hi, thanks for the feedback. We have actually tested the battery and posted the information. The actual capacity that we get is 1100mAh, that is the reason why the product name is 1100mAh, the product page also stated the actual capacity is 1100mAh. Anyway, you are welcome to contact our technical team at support@cytron.com.my :)

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