With the launch of Raspberry Pi 4 Model B single board computer, you will need this official power adapter that comes with USB type C to power up the popular computer. This high quality PSU comes from Raspberry Pi Foundation and it is in White color :) Nice!

Because it does not come with interchangeable main adaptors, it is lower in price but it is as solid as rock. According to Plug and Socket, this is Type G (UK Plug) adapter that is suitable for:

We do recommend it to those wanted to power Raspberry Pi for 24 hours and needed a stable power source. We’ve tested this power supply in all kinds of situations, and it’s as solid as a rock; it’ll keep feeding your Pi the steady 5V with maximum 3.0A (15.3W) that it needs for proper performance.

The output voltage of this adapter is cleverly adjusted to higher level at 5.1V for long cable and high current usage. At low current consumption, the voltage will maintains at 5.1V, and this is acceptable for most 5.0V devices as the high limit is 5.5V. And in the case of high current draw, the voltage will drops across cable (long cable), and the additional 0.1V will compensate the drop. That is perfect!

Besides, the extended length of USB type C plug is good to power those Raspberry Pi with case.

Note: This is White color adapter, if you prefer Black color adapter, get it from here.



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