Note: This is NOT an AA type of battery, this is specifically 14500 Li-ion rechargeable battery with nominal voltage of 3.7V. But it can fit into AA size battery holder. DO NOT attempt to replace an AA type battery with it.

This is 14500 battery with the typical capacity of 600mAh. It is Lithium Ion based and rechargeable battery (Need proper charger) in cylindrical shape. 14500 battery is becoming popular nowsadays, many torch light is using it as energy storage(when being charged) and power source (when being discharged).

And since this single cell battery has higher voltage and capacity, rechargeable; it is a very economic solution in electronic or robotic projects. In some cases, this battery has been used for IoT devices powered by Solar or renewable energy. The battery become an energy storage devices. And of course it can be series up to get higher voltage, example connecting two cells in series (2 x AA battery holder) to get 7.4V (nominal) or or 3 units(3 x AA battery holder) to get 11.1V using the AA battery holders (The size is same as AA type battery)

Please do charge it with proper charger (with balancer if series more than 1 cell). Li-ion battery should be charged and discharged properly to prevent short lifespan and downgrade of its capacity. We recommend using any of these chargers:

Note: This 14500 battery comes with both end (positive and negative) flat metal terminals and there is no protection circuit, so please take extra precaution. Check the polarity before connecting it to load or charger.

You may utilize AA type battery socket/holder: (But do take note on the voltage)

Features and Specification:

Note: Price is for 1 unit of battery only

Packing List: