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2Amp 7V-30V L298N Motor Driver / Stepper Driver (2 Channels)

2Amp 7V-30V L298N Motor Driver / Stepper Driver (2 Channels)

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    Note: You might want to check out Cytron's latest Maker Drive, which is a good alternative for your project :) Maker Drive is dual channel motor driver with reverse polarity protection, and a stable 5V output (max 200mA) to power your controller. We designed it for beginner!

    If you are in search for low cost motor driver that can control two small DC brush motor or one stepper motor, you are at the correct page. Check out this low cost L298 based motor driver.

    Compatible with Arduino, CT-UNO, Maker-UNO, Raspberry Pi, and many more controller board as it is based on TTL logic (0 to 5V). It provides control of:

    • Start
    • Stop
    • Brake
    • Direction
    • Speed

    to your motor. Maximum current output is up to 2A(peak) per motor. The board there are build in flyback/back EMF diodes too. If you power it >20VDC and enable on board 5V regulator, it will get quite warm and it is normal.

    Which motor is suitable for this motor driver? As long as the motor is:

    • DC brushed motor with two terminals
    • Operating voltage: 7V to 30VDC
    • Rated current is <= 1.0 Amps
    • Peak current is <= 2.0 Amps
    • Or Stepper Motor with 4 leads (bipolar)


    • Dual Channel Motor driver for DC brushed motor
    • It can also drive bipolar stepper motor
    • 1A continuous current per channel (2A peak)
    • Vmotor: 7V to 30VDC
    • Dimension: 5.5cm x 4.4cm 2.7cm
    • Ready with:
      • Vmotor, GND and 5V terminals
      • Output A and B terminals for motor
      • Heatsink mounted with L298 for better heat dissipation
      • Flyback EMF diodes
      • Header pins for IN1, IN2, IN3, and IN4
      • On board 5V voltage regulator
    • Compatible with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, but will require manual wiring.


    Packing List:

    • 1 x L298N board
    Can this drive the motor 2 pcs of KIT-MM-WR? ( kelvin, 16/06/2020 )
    Hi, yes it can. Thanks :)
    Hi, can I use this to power a simple 12V PC Case fan?

    Thinking of using an Arduino to control the fan speed via the PWM line (yellow).
    ( Sherman Koa , 03/03/2020 )
    Hi, yes you may do so. Thanks :)
    Hi, is this driver compatible with TowerPro MG946R Servo motor? ( Darmesswaran Gunasegran , 11/02/2020 )
    Hi, we're sorry it is not compatible with TowerPro MG946R Servo motor. Thanks :)
    Hi, can i request the datasheet for this 2A motor driver module. ( KONG, 05/08/2018 )
    Hi, sorry the supplier only provide info as in the product page only.
    Hi, is this motor driver module applicable for pic18f4520? Thanks. ( Justin, 04/08/2018 )
    Hi, yes you can use it with pic18f4520. :)
    Hi, Does this motor driver support 6-lead unipolar 2-phase DC motor? The DC motor model is VEXTA PK244-01A. ( Jian, 21/06/2018 )
    Hi, this motor driver is for brush motor. Vexta is brushless. It can't support. Thanks.

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