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IR Tansmitter

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  • IR Transmitter
  • Chip material:AIGaAs
  • Emitted color:infrared
  • Lens:5mm, water clear
  • Low power consumption, high efficiency, low current requirement
  • 940nm wavelength
  • Forward current:50mA
  • Forward voltage: 1-1.7V
  • Radiant intensity: min 20mw/sr
  • Application: TV set, remonte controller, optical switches, optical encoders, smoke sensors ans so on.
  • Storage temperature: -20~ +85
  • Operating temperature: -20~ +75
  • Max. Forward Current: 100mA
  • Max. Forward Voltage: 1.7V
  • Max. Reverse Voltage: 5V


can i know the viewing angle of the infrared led ? ( Jack, 30/06/2016 )

Hi, According to the datasheet, the viewing angle is 60 degree. thanks :)

Hello, i bought this IR Transmitter. which terminal is anode and which terminal is cathode? ( Razman bin Ramedan, 30/06/2016 )

Hi. Long wire/pin is anode and the short wire/pin is cathode. Thanks :)

Any suggested schematic for this ir tx ? and also ir rx ?what should be the resistor value ? ( richard, 25/06/2016 )

Hi. Kindly visit our technical forum as this session is only for short inquiry. Thanks :)

may i ask, this IR transmitter and IR receiver (SN-IR-R) can use in the plethysmography circuit? ( Tang, 04/05/2015 )

We have never tired that yet :) Looking at most of the schematic online, it seem to be using IR transmitter and Receiver, which is same as this product. I think you will need to try it out to be sure.

If you have further inquiry, please do discuss in our technical forum as this section is for short inquiry thanks :)

What is the range for this IR sensor? ( Ping, 07/04/2015 )

Well, this is only the transmitter :) Sensor will require the transmitter and receiver together. It depends on what is the sensor as the IR depend on the reflection of IR light. From our test, normal operation, it can detect obstacle within 1 to 2 cm only.

may I ask,can this IR transmitter send signal to IR receiver 3 pin with 38kHz?Is the signal enough to be detected by the receiver? ( suhaini, 15/03/2015 )

Yes it is capable, but you will need to amplifier and modulate the transmitter yourself. If you have further inquiry, please do discuss in our technical forum as this section is for short inquiry, thanks :)

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