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3-Axis Digital Compass Breakout Board

3-Axis Digital Compass Breakout Board

  • Product Code: SN-QMC-5883L
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  • Warranty Period: 12 months
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Have you ever think to add direction sensing for your project, like a compass? Check this module out, this is a breakout board for QMC5883L that is compatible with Honeywell's HMC5883L, a 3-axis digital compass. Communication with the QMC5883L is simple and all done through an I2C interface. There is a small on-board 3.3V voltage regulator, so a regulated voltage of you can supply it with 3.3 to 5VDC. However, there is no level shifter for the I2C line, so a proper level shifter such as LC04A should be apply in between if plan to interface it with 5V microcontroller such as SK40C, Arduino UNO, Mega and etc.

The breakout board includes the QMC5883L sensor and all filtering capacitors as shown. The power and 2-wire interface pins are all broken out to a 0.1" pitch header.

  • Simple I2C interface
  • 3.3V - 5.0VDC supply
  • 3.3VDC logic level
  • Low current draw
  • 5 milli-gauss resolution
  • Dimension: 15mm x 13mm
Packing List:
  • 1 x QMC5883L breakout board

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I bought this derive, but it cant working as I follow the common step from internet. The compass is not response at all. ( Kololos, 17/01/2018 )
Can you post your question at our forum, forum.cytron.io with more details and probably some pictures? Or alternatively, you can email us at support@cytron.io
I was quite disappointed when the component that came did not match the picture as shown in cytron's website. Normally this wouldn't be a big deal for me but apparently upon researching online, I couldn't get it to work was because it was actually a different model called the QMC5883L. THIS IS NOT HMC5883L.
( Justin Choo, 27/10/2017 )
Hi, can you email to us at support@cytron.com.my and tell us which item has difference description. Thanks
I seem to be having the same problem with the question as stated above. I have sent an email to the email address as stated.
( Justin Choo, 26/10/2017 )
Hi, we encourage you to post this problem at our technical forum and we discuss there. Plus, it can benefit others too. 
Hi.. I bought this chip and after setting it up. It doesn't change the output value on the serial monitor no matter how i rotate the compass.. ( Chee, 21/04/2017 )

Can you email the following details to support@cytron.com.my:

1. Let us know your order id.

2.How did you power up your device( input supply)?

3. Provide us all clear picture on your set up.

4.Give us the code that you used.

5. Have you try the example in the user manual.


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