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Omni Wheel

Omni Wheel
  • Omni wheel make great omni direction robotic wheels and powered bidirectional robot wheels.
  • Omni wheel barrels are made of plastics with palstic barrels an steel axle pins for strength.
  • The omni wheels frames have built in keys for coupling multiple units. The arrangement provides maximum mounting flexibility to suit almost any requirement.
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100mm Double Plastic Plate Omni Wheel

Omni wheel is very famous in mobile robot, especially in robot competition.This is 100mm (wheel diameter) Double Plastic Omni Wheel with Bearing (Roller & Central Bea..


Omniwheel 3.15 Inches

Omniwheels allow you to build a robot that is capable of moving omnidirectionally, whereby your robot can move not only forward and backward but also sideways and diago..