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Infrared Sensor -80%

Infrared Sensor

rero Infrared Sensor is easy to use sensor which detects obstacle and proximity. When powered on, the LED will be lighted on in blue color as power indicator. By default ..

RM49.00 RM9.90

Color Sensor -66%

Color Sensor

Interesting color sensor for rero onwer. Enable your robot to detect color or color recognition. rero Colour Sensor detects the relative RGB colour intensity reflected fr..

RM89.00 RM29.90

Touch Sensor -80%

Touch Sensor

Another sensor for rero. This is the touch sensor is used to detect touch or bump. Internally the touch sensor uses optical sensor for longer life time and reliable detec..

RM49.00 RM9.90

Head Module

rero Head Module has build in a IR sensor, sound sensor and a pair of 2 RGB LED to act as the eyes. It can be attached to a Cube Servo to give&nb..