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-7% Adapter 12V 1A (UK Plug)

Adapter 12V 1A (UK Plug)

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DC Jack(Female) to Screw Terminal Adapter

DC Jack(Female) to Screw Terminal Adapter

  • 10 or more RM1.80
  • 100 or more RM1.40


HL2527 DC Plug (2.1mm) (Black)

HL2527 DC Plug (2.1mm) (Black)

  • 10 or more RM0.80
  • 100 or more RM0.50


2.1mm DC Plug Extension Cable

2.1mm DC Plug Extension Cable

  • 10 or more RM3.60
  • 50 or more RM3.20


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Why do you need a AC to DC adapter? 

The AC to DC adapter transforms the alternate current (AC) input to direct current (DC) output. For this device, it will convert the main electricity (100V-240V AC) to 12 volts (DC) that you need. You can use this adapter to power up most of the application that need 12V input, such as Arduino Uno, Arduino Mega, SK40C and etc. You definitely need one if you are building your own circuit with a 12V input!


Hi, may I know when it will be restock again? ( NA, 25/03/2018 )
Hi, it will be restocked in 3 weeks. Thanks.
Hi, what size DC jack type size 5.5 *2.1mm or 5.5 *2.5mm ? ( ahmad, 28/08/2017 )
Hi, it is 5.5 x 2.1mm. Thanks.
Hi, does this one suitable for Intel Edison arduino expansion board? Thanks. ( hdr, 28/09/2016 )


Yes, you can use it.


Hi, may I know when it will be restock again? Thank you. ( Richard, 07/04/2016 )

Sorry for late response. We have just restock today.

it is advised to use 1A or 2A adapter for arduino uno? ( hare kumar, 27/09/2015 )

Of course higher better :) 1A is sufficient, but 2A will be better.

Hi... Kindly advise when this stock will be available. Thanks. ( Nick, 16/08/2015 )



This adapter will be ready after 2 Weeks. Thanks.

Hi, can this be used for arduino duemilanove and arduino uno? ( Alex, 05/01/2015 )

Yes, you can. Both Arduino UNO and Duemilanove can accept DC supply from 7V to 15V.

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