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Thermoelectric Power Generator Peltier 40x40

Thermoelectric Power Generator Peltier 40x40

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Thermoelectric technology can be used to generate a small amount of electrical power, typically in the µW or mW range, if the temperature difference is maintained between two terminals of a thermoelectric module.

As the thermoelectric generator manufacturing has the characteristics of no noise, long life and stable performance, backed by the increasing sense of modern social protection of the environment, energy conservation, more people are considering how to effectively convert the sun heat , the ocean heat, the industrial waste heat, the garbage burning heat, and various heat generated by heat sources on the planet, into electricity, therefore, thermoelectric technology will definitely be more widely used in the future, and the scope of application: outdoor emergency phone charging and so on.

This is SP1848-27145 Peltier module. With the size of 40mm x 40mm, it can generates voltage upto 4.8V with around 650mA of current.


  • Small and light weight, convenient for use
  • Designed specifically for energy production
  • Sealed to protect against moisture and contain elements formulated for Optimal thermal energy generation Seebeck
  • High reliability and no pollution
  • Product structure and composition
  • High temperature 125 ºC , with NM static protection
  • Single-layer double-sided ceramic packaging structure
  • Colding side posts with the words (Model number)
  • Heating side is empty, blank surface
  • RED wire to positive, black wire to the negative, it generate electricity when the temperature difference happened
  • In the case where it is supply with power, the blank surface will heat up too. We have tested with 5V power and it will draw 1.3A at the beginning.


  • Temperature electromotive force (a): > 190x uV/ ℃
  • Conductivity: 850~1250Ω -1.cm-1
  • Optimum value (Z): 2.5 ~ 3x10-3W/℃
  • Thermal conductivity (K): 15~16x10-3-W/℃ cm
  • Working Environment: -60~125℃
  • Cable Length: about 30cm
  • Color: White 
  • Material: Ceramic / Bismuth Telluride 
  • Parametric Model: Temperature ( ℃) Open circuit voltage (V)
  • Weight: 30g  
  • Dimension: 4 x 4 x 0.39 cm (LxWxH) 
  • Maximum Power: 3.1W
  • Internal Resistance: 3.3 Ohm
  • Open circuit voltage: 6.4V
  • Rated Voltage: 3.2V

Packing List:

  • 1 x Thermoelectric Power Generator TEG Peltier (SP1848-27145)
Is it readily available in Malaysia?
Does it affected by the temporary suspension of international parcels?
( Steve, 04/08/2020 )
Hi, yes it is available. You may refer to this link for more shipping information. However, do expect a little shipment delay during this pandemic. Thanks :)
Can I get the data sheet of the TEG. ( hilmi nordin , 13/06/2020 )
Hi, we're sorry as we do not have the datasheet for this product. Thanks :)
Can we reversed it,to generate cold and heat at the same time?
Connect to batt,and it producing cold and heat?
( Q?, 22/10/2019 )
Hi! Yes, you can reverse it. Thanks :)

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