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DC Power Supply

DC Power Supply
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Breadboard Power Module MD-102

Breadboard or Protoboard is very useful for electronics prototyping, but when it comes to getting power source, it is a headache because most of power source does not plu..


BreadBoard Power Stick 5V 3V3

Breadboard is a common board for prototyping, we use it a lot during prototyping and simple electronic component evaluation. But is quite difficult to get a proper 5V and..


Single Cell DIY Power Bank Plastic Case w/o Battery (1 pcs)

Note: From 21th Sept onwards, the DIY power bank is shipped in random colors.Red Blue Grey Green YellowThis is a single-cell DIY power bank..


Compact Digital Bench Top Power Supply-30VDC 5A

This benchtop power supply is the perfect tool for your laboratory, even homemade projects. The KPS305DF DC power supply is a single output, high-precision, dual-display ..


GWInstek DC Power Supply (3 Channel)

This bench top power supply is the perfect tools for your laboratory, even home made project. This power supply are 3 channels, 180 to 200W output, linear DC power suppli..