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mBot V1.1 - Blue (Bluetooth Version)

mBot V1.1 - This STEM education Robot kit comes with 1 pc of IR remote control as a gift. The default program has been optimized for this change. Users can check whet..


makeblock HaloCode ESP32 Board

HaloCode is a wireless single board computer. With its built-in Wi-Fi support and microphone, the students can easily bring your board into the IoT projects and add s..


mBot Add-on Pack - Servo Pack

mBot servo pack is a 3-in-1 pack based on mBot. You can construct "Dancing Cat", "Head-Shaking Cat" and "Light-Emitting Cat" with mBot and the components in this pack. ..


makeblock HaloCode ESP32 Standard Kit

Note: This is the HaloCode ESP32 standard kit, that comes with accessories for you to get started right out of the box. HaloCode is a wireless single bo..


AIoT Scientist Add-on Pack (mBuild B Kit)

AI & IoT Scientist Add-on Pack contains 18 mBuild electronic modules and 7 accessory packs, including Speaker, Motor, Servo, LED Strip, LED Ring, LED Matrix, Water Pu..


AI & IoT Education Toolkit Add-on Pack(mBui...

AI & IoT Education Toolkit Add-on Pack comes with 31 mBuild's electronic modules and 10 accessories packs. With this pack, students can learn Artificial Intelligence ..


makeblock Neuron Explorer Kit

The Neuron Explorer Kit is a new-generation makeblock product that comes with a variety of programmable electronic blocks. It includes 12 electronic blocks (sound sen..


mBot2 - New mBot with ESP32 Dual-Core Wireless Controller Out Of Stock

mBot2 - New mBot with ESP32 Dual-Core Wireless ...

mBot2 is a next-generation educational robot designed with extended capabilities, starting as an entry-level solution in lower secondary education and going all the way t..


mBot Add-on - Interactive Light & Sound Out Of Stock

mBot Add-on - Interactive Light & Sound

Note: This product is an add-on pack, designed for mBot. It does not include mBot robot.mBot Add-on Pack Interactive Light & Sound is a 3-in-1 pack based on mBot...