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Kits for RPi Zero

Kits for RPi Zero

Kits packed for Raspberry Pi Zero, the world smallest single board computer.

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DIY USB Webcam with RPi Zero and 5MP Camera New -4%

DIY USB Webcam with RPi Zero and 5MP Camera

With the Covid-19 Pandemic swapping the world since the earlier of 2020, the demand for USB webcam has spike up due to work and learn from the home trend, for the parents..

RM148.00 RM141.40

Raspberry Pi Zero W Complete Starter Kit

 We have been carrying Raspberry Pi Zero W (Wireless) since 2017 and it is very useful for makers and students. It is super cheap (USD 10.00 at retail) single-boa..


Grove Base Kit for Raspberry Pi -24%

Grove Base Kit for Raspberry Pi

The Grove Base Kit for Raspberry Pi is one of the best kits for beginners to get started with Raspberry Pi. No troublesome soldering and no complicated wiring. You can fo..

RM169.00 RM129.00

Raspberry Pi Zero GamePi20 Kit

The GamePi20 is a mini retro video game console based on Raspberry Pi Zero / Zero W / Zero WH, which recalls all the gaming pleasures in the memory. This kit includes add..


Raspberry Pi Accessories Pack G

Note: Raspberry Pi is NOT included, please get it separately here. We recommend taking Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+Note: It does not come with 18650 battery, please get it..


Google AIY Voice Kit for Raspberry Pi V2

Need directions to your nearest dry cleaner? Or maybe you need to send a hands-free email? Perhaps you just want to know what the weather's like in Malaysia. Ask your lit..


Google AIY Vision Full Kit - Includes Pi Zero WH - v1.1

Google AIY Projects brings do-it-yourself artificial intelligence to your maker projects. The Google AIY Vision Kit lets you build an image recognition device that can se..


AlphaBot2 robot kit for Raspberry Pi Zero/Zero W (no Pi)

This AlphaBot2 robot kit is designed to use with: (Not included, please get it separatedly)Raspberry Pi Zero (requires soldering of 40-pin header) Raspberry Pi Z..