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Raspberry Pi 4B 4GB Wireless Computer Kit-UK Plug

Raspberry Pi 4B 4GB Wireless Computer Kit-UK Plug

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Note: Due to the distribution region, this product can ONLY be shipped to ASEAN countries (Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, and Brunei)

Note: This is the UK Plug type (Malaysia, Singapore) Wireless Computer Kit, if you are looking for EU Plug type (Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines), get it from here

Build Your Own Computer with

The Most Powerful and Fastest Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi is a single-board computer that packed with CPU, RAM and other components making it function as a motherboard in an ordinary computer. With Raspberry Pi 4 Model B being launched in June 2019, many have been using Raspberry Pi as an actual desktop computer and has been asking for a complete computer kit that comes with high-quality power supply, perfect and easy to set up case/enclosure with cooling fan, wireless keyboard and mouse, HDMI cable, and other accessories to build their own computer out of box! No more waiting, this Cytron Computer kit answers your call!

Raspberry Pi 4 Model B is the latest product in the popular Raspberry Pi range of computers. It offers ground-breaking increases in processor speed, multimedia performance, memory, and connectivity compared to the prior-generation Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ while retaining backward compatibility and similar power consumption. For the end-user, Raspberry Pi 4 Model B provides desktop performance comparable to entry-level x86 PC systems.

Building it will just require less than 5 minutes of your time! You will get the computer up and running!

Due to the higher power requirements, the Raspberry Pi 4 requires at least a 3.0A USB-C power supply. The Official Raspberry Pi USB-C 3.5A power supply that is included in this kit is specially designed and tested for the Raspberry Pi 4. This power supply incorporates a noise filter to provide the highest stability.

The standard HDMI port that was part of previous generation Raspberry Pi generation boards is replaced on the Raspberry Pi 4 by two Micro HDMI ports to provide dual monitor support. The Cytron Computer kit includes a high-quality Micro HDMI to HDMI cable (1.5 meter) to provide the best output display resolution support.

We know the Pi 4 Model B is the most powerful Raspberry Pi board ever, and with more power, more heat will be generated. So to get the most performance out from the Raspberry Pi 4 Model B computer, the kit includes a nice case with a cooling fan! The enclosure not only keeps it cool, but it also looks cool too and keeps your computer protected!

We love tidiness with fewer cables tangling around. And that is the reason we try to minimize the cables needed for this computer kit by including the wireless keyboard and mouse combo set. Uses Proprietary 2.4GHz RF communication and single USB receiver, it eliminates the needs for two USB ports and uses only one USB port for both the keyboard and mouse. And of course, there is no additional cable needed too. While building the computer with Raspberry Pi, let's be grateful to Planet Earth and save the only planet we have. The wireless keyboard and mouse come with a rechargeable battery inside and can be recharged via the common USB micro B cable (included too). Both the keyboard and mouse can be recharged > 200 times and each full charge will last up to a month of active usage. Nice, Wireless, Save a USB port, Tidier, rechargeable and save the Earth! What more can you ask?

To enable you to get started out of the box, we have included a 32GB microSD card with preloaded NOOBS (New Out Of Box Software) from the Raspberry Pi Foundation. We have also tweak some settings in the Raspbian to enable you to use the wireless mouse smoothly :)

In case you need to configure the Raspbian for the wireless mouse again, check this video:

And since you have the MicroSD card, we include a USB MicroSD card reader/writer too. Just in case you need to reflash the microSD card or access to modify some of the files, it will be very handy.

Note: The USB MicroSD card reader/writer model might be different as it depending on availability.

This is the perfect computer kit from Cytron Technologies with a rechargeable wireless keyboard and mouse! The kit includes:

Note: This computer kit DOES NOT come with Display/monitor/screen, offering freedom to use with your existing TV (HDMI) or LCD monitor.

So basically, it comes with all the necessary devices, yet allow you to choose the preferred HDMI display to kickstart your digital making. It is also enclosed in a box that you can keep everything (including the keyboard and mouse)


  • Cytron Computer kit based on Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 4G board
  • All parts can be reused for other purpose or projects
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Choose your preferred HDMI LCD monitor
  • Can be customized for headless operation (Without monitor and keyboard/mouse)
  • Comes with Rechargeable (USB micro B) Wireless Keyboard and Mouse, truly wireless and environmental friendly
  • Comes with microSD card with pre-loaded NOOBS, no extra work need to boot up Raspberry Pi 4B
  • Comes with a printed copy of beginner guide
  • Great family weekend digital making project
  • Build your own computer!

Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 4GB Spec:

  • Broadcom BCM2711, 64-bit ARM Cortex-A73 (ARMv8), Quad-core, 28nm Processor SoC running @ 1.5GHz, with metal body for better heat dissipation.
  • 2 x USB3.0 Port + 2 x USB2.0 Port
  • Expanded 40-pin GPIO Header
  • Video/Audio Out:
    • 4-pole 3.5mm connector
    • 2 x micro HDMI port, support 4Kp60 video, dual display
    • Raw LCD (DSI)
  • Image/Camera input: CSI port
  • Storage: MicroSD
  • True Gigabit Ethernet, >900 Mbps
  • Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) support (requires separate PoE HAT)
  • 2.4GHz and 5GHz IEEE 802.11.b/g/n/ac wireless LAN, Bluetooth 5.0 and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)
  • Low-Level Peripherals:
    • 27 x GPIO
    • UART
    • I2C bus
    • SPI bus with two chip selects
    • +3.3V
    • +5V
    • Ground
  • Power Requirement, 5V/3.0A via USB type C connector.
  • Supports Raspbian, and check 3rd party Operating System here.
  • Dimensions: 85mm x 56mm x 17mm


Packing List:

  • 1 x Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 4GB RAM
  • 1 x Rechargeable Wireless Keyboard (Mini size and US layout) and Mouse
  • 1 x Raspberry Pi 32GB microSD card preloaded with NOOBS (New Out Of Box Software) for OS installation
  • 1 x USB MicroSD Card Reader/Writer (Note: Model might be different depending on availability)
  • 1 x Raspberry Pi 15W USB-C Power Adapter, UK Plug, Black
  • 1 x Micro-HDMI to Standard HDMI cable (1.5 meter)
  • 1 x Raspberry Pi 4 ABS Case (Black)
  • 1 x 3V to 5V Cooling Fan

Getting Started:

I purchased this product. My SD card is having some issue with the OS and cannot boot. Can you please share the link for downloading the image on SD card. I need scratch 3.0 to work.
( Jawad Shah , 11/01/2021 )
Hi, for technical inquiry, you may drop an email to support@cytron.io and our technical team will assist on your issue. Thanks :)

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