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Servo Controller

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Servo Driver HAT for Raspberry Pi, 16-Channel, ...

Raspberry Pi has become so popular, it is not only for education but also being used in Robotics too. In many cases, RC (remote control) servos are used in robotics and y..


Servo Controller with Control Knob - 3 Channel

The RC servo motor is very popular in RC (Radio Control), and now it is widely used in robotics. Yet, as many of you may already know, standard RC Servo cannot rotate con..


Cytron 8 Channels RC Servo Controller Shield fo...

This is the first ever servo shield for Arduino that provides build-in 5V at 5A (peak)output switching regulator. With this servo shield, you can supply 7V to 25V of powe..


8 Channel Servo Controller

SC08A offers reliable yet user-friendly RC Servo motor controller to hobbyist and students. This SC08A can control 8 channels of servo simultaneously. The advantages of t..


Servo Driver for micro:bit, 16-Channel, 12-bit,...

Well, micro:bit is the latest hot controller in town. With the easy to use graphic programming layout on makecode and straight forward hardware interface, you can get sta..


6 Channel Servo Player

The 6 Channel Servo Player is a controller board which allows user to record servo motor movement and play it back exactly without writing any code. With this controller ..