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TTL UART to RS232 Converter

TTL UART to RS232 Converter

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Serial port (DB9) is among the most popular interface between computer and devices such as GSM modem and RFID reader. However, since computer is using RS232 interface while microcontroller is using TTL UART interface, a level shifter is needed in order for the microcontroller to interface with the RS232 peripheral device.
URS232A is a TTL UART to RS232 Converter utilizing the MAX232 level shifter. It’s handy for interfacing microcontroller with RS232 device such as some GSM modem, RFID reader and etc. It can also be used together with the UC00A or UC00C USB to UART and becomes a USB to RS232 Converter. This board comes pre-soldered with male DB9 connector, MAX232 and capacitors.
  • Utilizing the MAX232 level shifter.
  • Comes with DB9-Male (PC Side) Connector.
  • Can be used together with the UC00A or UC00C to be a USB to RS232 Converter.
  • Supports: Tx, Rx, CTS and RTS pin.
do you have dimension for this module, or step file?? ( nawawi, 26/04/2019 )
Hi, sorry we don't have step file for this. The dimension of the PCB is 3.2x3.5cm and the height is 1.5cm.
Hai ,
This above module only UART to RS232 or viceversa ,iam asking this question because we have machine in pharma industry which has interface RS232 (-12v to +12v)and we are trying to receive data from machine to microcontroller(Raspberry pi) and we are using this https://www.flipkart.com/sunrobotics-rs232-ttl-serial-port-converter-max3232/p/itmf3xnyb7ft3zhq?gclid=Cj0KCQiAuf7fBRD7ARIsACqb8w5Aqo-bM4FejszsiZZ_ZXbOvTqPuWNk8dTbLqsoDqMHsbd7iasdiXYaAizUEALw_wcB&pid=ETYF3XKZJHC4MEUK&lid=LSTETYF3XKZJHC4MEUKSC3OKL&marketplace=FLIPKART&cmpid=content_learning-toy_8965229628_gmc_pla&tgi=sem,1,G,11214002,g,search,,301302884581,1o2,,,c,,,,,,,&ef_id=Cj0KCQiAuf7fBRD7ARIsACqb8w5Aqo-bM4FejszsiZZ_ZXbOvTqPuWNk8dTbLqsoDqMHsbd7iasdiXYaAizUEALw_wcB:G:s&s_kwcid=AL!739!3!301302884581!!!g!297659526158! .But this module is not working .controller not able to receive data.Is the above module will work?? if yes we need 50 modules.
( Manikanta, 30/11/2018 )

Hi, we suggest you post on our forum at http://forum.cytron.io/ for more discussion :)

Hi, is it possible to get a data sheet of the UART to RS 232 converter? Thank you in advance, best regards, Joachim ( Joachim Kopf, 29/06/2017 )
Hi, we don't have datasheet for this product, you may refer to schematic instead. If you mean MAX232 datasheet, then you can easily find it on internet, for example here. Thanks.
Hi, when will this be available? I need it urgently. ( Yen, 05/12/2016 )


We have to wait for our supplier to restock their items first. After that, we can proceed with the board.


Sorry i forgot to ask another question. Can i connect a RS232 device to this board and then the board directly connect to arduino uno? or do i need to do some more conversion? ( aiman, 29/11/2016 )


Yes, sure you can use it. No need to have another converter.


Hi. When will this be available? And can I have the schematics for this ( aiman, 29/11/2016 )


We will restock this product next week. The schematic diagram for this product already attach it at attachment segment.



Can this directly connect to Raspberry Pi 2? ( Tai JP, 15/07/2015 )

To the USB port of Raspberry pi 2? Yes, but the driver might not be compatible yet for Raspberry pi operating system.

hi, can this connected to arduino uno and gsm tc35 siemens? tq ( hikmal, 30/03/2015 )

Yes, it can.

can this be used to communicate betweeb PIC16f877a and PC? ( chris, 31/01/2015 )

Yes, it can, but not directly. RS232 has different voltage level compare to PIC's TTL communication. You will need a MAX232 or similar circuit to convert the voltage.

If you have further inquiry, please do discuss in our technical forum as this section is for short inquiry, thanks :)

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