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Analog Parts Kit for Analog Discovery

Analog Parts Kit for Analog Discovery

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  • Warranty Period: 12 months

The Analog Parts Kit for Analog Discovery is large selection of components perfect for creating a wide variety of useful circuits and devices. Featuring components from Analog Devices®, the kit includes transistors, resistors, capacitors, diodes, sensors, and variety of useful ICs including op-amps, convertors, and regulators. Finally, the kit also comes with an assortment of lead wires, a solderless breadboard, and a screwdriver. 

A complete list and description of components are listed below. 

Included in the kit:

ImagePart #DescriptionPackageDatasheetNotes

09.jpgAD8226Instrumentation AmpCmod IC1Link 
10.jpgSSM2220PNP Matched TransistorsCmod IC2Link 
11.jpgSSM2212NPN Matched TransistorsCmod IC3Link 
12.jpgADTL082JFET Op AmpCmod IC4Link 
13.jpgAD8541General Purpose Op AmpCmod IC5Link 
16.jpgADP3300-5Low Dropout Linear RegulatorCmod IC8Link 
61.jpgAD592Precision IC Temperature TransducerTO-92Link 
05.jpgAD584Programmable Precision Voltage ReferencePDIP8Link 
04.jpgAD654Voltage to Frequency Converter (Timer)PDIP8Link 
01.jpgOP27Low Noise, Precision Op AmpPDIP8Link 
02.jpgOP37Low Noise, Precision, High Speed Op AmpPDIP8Link 
08.jpgOP482Low Noise, Precision, High Speed Op AmpPDIP14Link 
62.jpgOP484Precision Rail-to-Rail Input & Output Op AmpPDIP14Link 
14.jpgAD8210Current Shunt MonitorCmod IC6Link 
15.jpgAD22151Magnetic Field SensorCmod IC7Link 
17.jpgADXL327AccelerometerCmod IC9Link3.3V only!
18.jpgADMP504Ultralow Noise MicrophoneCmod IC10Link3.3V only!
58.jpgAD2210Temperature SensorTO-226AALinkMarking: AD22100
23.jpg605-00004Piezo Vibration Sensor Link 
21.jpgQSC114Infrared TransistorT-1Link 
06.jpgTMP01Temperature SensorPDIP8Link 
22.jpgB57164K103J10kΩ Thermistor5mm lead coated diskLink 
20.jpgPDV-P92035-20kΩ Photocell100mil coated headerLink 
30.jpgSQP10AJB-6R26.2Ω 10W Power ResistorAxial CementLink 
44.jpg(various)1.1Ω - 10MΩ 1/8W ResistorsAxial Carbon Comp.Link 
29.jpg(various)5kΩ, 10kΩ, 50kΩ Potentiometer3006P 3/4" RectangularLink 
56.jpg(various)39pF Ceramic CapacitorRadial DiscLinkMarking: 39
55.jpg(various)100pF Ceramic CapacitorRadial DiscLinkMarking: 101
57.jpg(various).001uF Ceramic CapacitorRadial DiscLinkMarking: 102
51.jpg(various).0047uF Ceramic CapacitorRadial DiscLinkMarking: 472
53.jpg(various).01uF Ceramic CapacitorRadial DiscLinkMarking: 103
45.jpg(various).047uF Ceramic CapacitorRadial DiscLinkMarking: 473
52.jpg(various).1uF Ceramic CapacitorRadial DiscLinkMarking: 104
50.jpg(various)1uF Electrolytic CapacitorRadial CanLinkMarking: 1uF
26.jpg(various)4.7uF Electrolytic CapacitorRadial CanLinkMarking: 4.7uF
48.jpg(various)10uF Electrolytic CapacitorRadial CanLinkMarking: 10uF
48.jpg(various)22uF Electrolytic CapacitorRadial CanLinkMarking: 22uF
49.jpg(various)47uF Electrolytic CapacitorRadial CanLinkMarking: 47uF
25.jpg(various)220uF Electrolytic CapacitorRadial CanLinkMarking: 220uF
40.jpg2N3904NPN General Purpose TransistorTO-92LinkMarking: 2N3904
41.jpg2N3906PNP General Purpose TransistorTO-92LinkMarking: 2N3906
07.jpgCD4007Dual Complementary TransistorsPDIP14Link 
33.jpgIRF510N-Channel MOSFET 100VTO-220LinkMarking: IRF510
35.jpgTIP31CFSNPN Epitaxial TransistorTO-220LinkMarking: TIP31
34.jpgTIP32CFSPNP Epitaxial TransisitorTO-220LinkMarking: TIP32
42.jpgZVN2110AN-Channel Enhancement FETTO-92LinkMarking: ZVN211
63.jpgZVN3310N-FET TransistorTO-92LinkMarking: ZVN211
43.jpgZVP2110AP-Channel Enhancement FETTO-92LinkMarking: ZVP211
36.jpg(various)LEDs (Green, Orange, Red)T-1 3/4Link 
37.jpgQED-123Infrared LEDT-1 3/4Link 
38.jpg1N3064Small Signal DiodeDO-35Link 
32.jpg1N400150V General Purpose RectifierDO-204Link 
31.jpg1N47356.2V Zener DiodeDO-41Link 
39.jpg1N914Small Signal DiodeDO-35Link 
60.jpgRL622-1R0K1uH Inductor5mm radialLink 
24.jpgRL622-102K1mH Inductor5mm radialLink 
19.jpgGT-0950RP3Buzzer/Speaker5mm radialLink

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