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Computer Interface

Computer Interface
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UC00C (CH340) USB to UART Converter

UC00C is a low cost alternative to the popular FTDI USB to UART converter. It even works with both 3.3V and 5V systems.Serial communication, particularly UART (Univer..


UC00A (FTDI) USB to UART Converter

Note: UC00A is Rev3.0 since June 2016.Serial communication is the most popular and commonly used interface between devices and it applies to microcontroller and compu..


USB microSD Card Reader and Writer

This is one of the cutest little microSD card reader/writer - but don't be fooled by its compact size! It's wicked fast and supports up to 128 GB SDHC cards! Simply slide..


PL2303HX USB to TTL Serial Cable

The cable is easiest way ever to connect to your microcontroller/Raspberry Pi/WiFi router serial console port. Inside the big USB plug is a USBSerial conversion chip and ..


ESP01 USB Programmer Adapter

This module is a USB adapter or programmer for ESP01 that based on ESP8266 WiFi microcontroller. This adapter uses CP2104 USB serial port chip and adds ESP01 automatic do..


Micro HDMI to VGA Adapter

This Micro HDMI to VGA adapter is very suitable if you want to use your VGA display with Raspberry Pi 4 series or any other device that comes with Micro HMDI interface. T..


Mini USB Microphone Out Of Stock

Mini USB Microphone

Hey, looking for a portable and convenient USB microphone? It's the new mini USB microphone, just plug and play the mini USB with any computer or laptop and etc without t..


USB to ESP01(ESP8266) Serial Adapter Board

ESP-01 is the most popular WiFi module in market, and it is a must have item for WiFi IoT project.While it is popular, there are some works needed to integrate it int..


CH340 USB to TTL Serial Cable

CH340 is the new popular USB to UART converter/bridge for maker. It is being widely used in many development boards which includes:NodeMCU with CH340 Maker UNO ..


RPi Zero microB OTG to USB and Ethernet Hub

Unlike Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ and Raspberry Pi 4 Model B, Raspberry Pi Zero does not have Ethernet and USB ports. If you still want to use those features, this product c..


6W Stereo USB Powered 3.5mm Jack Speaker-Black

Now, with this 6W, stereo, USB powered, compact and affordable speaker; adding the audio output capability to your Raspberry Pi single-computer will be plug and enjoy! ..


Acer 20 Inches Monitor -5%

Acer 20 Inches Monitor

Note: FREE GIFT! Starting from 29th Mar 2021, Cytron marketplace includes a full-size (standard) HDMI to full-size HDMI cable into this monitor. *While stocks last*..

RM369.00 RM349.00

USB to 3.5mm Audio Adapter - TRRS

In need of additional audio jack for your Raspberry Pi boards? Do not worry. We have this elegant black colored audio card for you! Works perfectly fine with Raspberry Pi..


USB to Dual Audio Adapter - 3.5mm Mic and Speaker

In need of an additional audio jack for your Raspberry Pi boards? Or maybe you need a separate mic input and speaker output? Do not worry, we have this elegant black colo..


Gigabit PoE 48V 0.5A Adapter/Injector

Well, since Raspberry Pi 4 Model B is at par with entry-level of desktop computer, and it can support Power Over Ethernet (PoE) with the PoE HAT, many have been asking fo..


Micro USB OTG Adapter

This super compact, and super cute Micro-B to USB on-the-go adapter. It is so tiny and cute that we'd pinch its cheeks if it was big enough to have cheeks.  At just ~20mm..


USB 3.0 to SATA III 6Gbps 2.5-inch SSD Adapter

Just in case you didn't follow the news, USB Boot firmware for Raspberry Pi 4 Model B is now officially being released as a stable version. Check out this video by Jeff G..


Virtual Reality Headset VR II 3D Gear

Experience Virtual Reality with this 3D VR Box headset that will bring you to an immersive, fabulous virtual world while playing games, watching 3D videos and movies.  ..


Cliptec USB Wired Keyboard and Mouse Combo Out Of Stock

Cliptec USB Wired Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Raspberry Pi is a single-board computer :) In layman's terms, it is a computer motherboard. So, besides the power and microSD card (for Operating System), you will most l..


Google 3D Virtual Reality Box Version 2.0 - Brown Paper

Google Cardboard brings immersive experiences to everyone in a simple and affordable way. Whether you fold your own or buy a certified viewer, you're just one step away f..