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Jetson Camera

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Raspberry Pi 8MP Camera Module V2.1

The Raspberry Pi Camera Module V2 is the new improved official camera board from the Raspberry Pi Foundation! It features an ultra-high quality 8MP(megapixel) SONY ..


Acrylic Case Holder for Camera Module

This is a Pi cameraĀ bracketĀ that comes in handy accessory for the Raspberry Pi Camere module. It comes with plastic/acrylic bracket and 4Ā mini screws + 4 hex nuts.Ā  ..


8MP IMX219 Camera Module for Jetson Dev Kit

Note:Ā There are two fields of view angleĀ for the 8MP IMX219 Camera Module, please choose the preferred fields of view angleĀ under the options: ..


8MP IMX219 Low Distortion M12 Camera Module for...

This Arducam IMX219 camera module is mainly designed for the NVIDIA Jetson Series of Dev Kit. And it can also be used on the Raspberry Pi Compute Module. The highlight of..


8MP Sony IMX219 Camera Module for Raspberry Pi

This is a special camera module for the Raspberry Pi board, based on the Sony IMX219 image sensor from ArduCAM. Itā€™s capable of 3280 x 2464 pixel static images, and also ..


Intel RealSense Depth Camera D435i

The IntelĀ® RealSenseā„¢ D435i offers the widest field of view ofĀ all our cameras, along with aĀ global shutter onĀ the depth sensor that is ideal for fast-moving applications..